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My New Ez Robot Bob

I have bought a large number of EZ-Bits with HDD servos and started a new robot project named Bob. Bob is a mix of 3d printed and EZ-Bits with a V4 EZ Robot controller!

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Video coming as soon as it uploads!


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Dave, The 3D printed body chest is a nice looking design with the added angles and L.E.D. display. I could not tell if there is a rotation servo below the chest? How are the new HDD servos, the EZ Robot servo video looked impressive. Looking forward to your updates. Steve S


The HDD servos are great and I hope to have Bob walking soon. This is my computer animated Bob from my Micro Explorers story.

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No waist rotation yet. I need to redo a number of poses to get Bob walking and doing more of what JD already can do. I am also adding everything I can think of to make him his own person. I am 3d printing him a lighter head and giving him better head movement. He may get a whole new body made to plug in servos so others can make Bob. I have him on thingiverse for free download as well as Dave and a bunch of Star Trek and Minecraft items I designed for 3d print.


Right now I have Dave, Bob, JD, Six, a rover robot that drives and IO Tiny, The rover's EZ B will go into my dinosaur robot. I got a dinosaur with dead electronics so I can add an EZ BV4 and make an EZ robot with it. Getting the rubber skin off without destroying it will be hard. The walking motors work on this one. Might have it chasing a ball if I am lucky. I will put his camera in his nose. Not sure where to put Bob's camera.

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@mcsdaver When Bob said his battery was low and you said deactivate, what actions did Bob take?

I assume he dropped the connection, but did you find a way to switch off power?

Thanks, Frank


Hello Frank No, his power was still on and yes he dropped his connection. In that moment "Deactivate" didn't help anything, but if his servos were under stress it would help save them from overheating. I could have said "Rest" and his servos would all release, but a low power warning already does that. I like testing his voice commands. I want to be able to talk to the robot and have him respond. I think a voice command to kill the power would be a great idea. The command "Activate" does reconnect him to my computer if his battery is still charged.

Thanks, David


I like your project, but I would like a better head than us, so where can I print me a new head?


I am working on a better head for Bob. I will be uploading it to thingiverse.


i like bob.he's cool robot.


here's a nice waist assemble. bending and turning.


That would be a cool robot to have. Give it an EZ-B and then it can hear, see and talk to you.


mcsdaver how did he do that.i cant see it.your chest is nicer.