Asked February 24 2014

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Well, I was working on a surprise for the group, but I need some help first. I have a nifty multiple face detection program working in So far I have it programmed to recognize my face, DJ Sures, Sarah Connor and Alan Turing. Minus my face, I figure all EZ-robots should know who the other three people are.

My C# app generates a change in variable and displays this in a label in the form to show who's name it is for the face it sees. For this to be useful for integration with EZ-Builder I need to get this variable out of my app an into EZ-Builder.

I see two ways to do this, one is write the data to a .txt file, have EZ-Builder keep checking this text file, read the text file, if the text changes then act on that. - This seems sloppy and slow.

Option 2 seems better which is to use TCP/IP and Telnet. I've viewed the tutorial here: and I fundamental understand it. I can connect to EZ-Builder with Telnet. I
I'm sure I can tell my C# app to send telnet data. What I can't wrap my head around is how to I make a script in EZ-Builder to look for an incoming variable on the TCP/IP port such as "$Face_Name" so that EZ-Builder can then act on that data?

Can someone help me with that? Or is there a 3rd option I'm not thinking of yet that would be better? I'm looking forward to get this figured out so I can share my app with the group.

Thank you!
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February 24 2014
Cha-Ching! I found the issue for the c# I needed use Tutorial 52 for Scripting for the correct example of how to connect via TCP and send a variable. It all works. My App sees faces and you can add new one, opens a port to EZ-Builder, sends the name of the face seen, EZ-Builder script gets the variable and can act on it, in the demo I have it speak the name.

Soon I'll upload it with source code and start a project page. I'm going to call it EZ-Face.

Thank you Rich and DJ! I'm looking forward to hearing the groups thoughts on it.
February 24 2014
I think this is awesome! When you get everything worked out, could you do a tutorial to show us how to do all this? This is so neat! Thank you so very much for this. This is a giant step forward for everyone.
February 25 2014
Absolutely Awesome ,

I think everyone has been thinking about when something like this would be here...

Cant wait to play with it.

Still waiting for my Roli to be shipped , but will have a play on Ez Builder to get familiar with it.

February 25 2014
@justin- ?\m/ 4 U Bro!
February 25 2014
wow! very cool. can't wait to see how it works!