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may be I am doing it wrong

cos(20) should result as .93969262078591
not .408082061813392
unless there is an extra conversion to do?

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Commented February 2014
Holy mathematics Rich! Next time I cut the birthday cake I'll be sure to use these functions! I am somewhat familiar with DJ's listed math functions ......except Floor() ?
Commented March 2014
I gess floor() and ciel() are reserved for AR Drone
Commented March 2014
Floor and Ceiling are math functions, not specifically for the drone.

This will probably explain it better than I can...

Or just run the following script I just knocked up...


Print("Floor: " + Floor($pi))
Print("Ceiling: " + Ciel($pi))

Commented March 2014
Floor () takes the decimals off ex: 1.234 will end as 1

Ciel () will add lyke if it will consider 1.234 be 1.9 + .1 = 2

Am i right?
Commented March 2014
Technically it's taught that floor is the greatest integer that is less than or equal to x and ceiling is the least integer that is greater than or equal to x.

So if x was 2.739492
Floor(x) would be the largest previous integer, which would be 2.
Ceiling(x) would be the smallest following integer, which would be 3.

If the number is already an integer then there is no change

i.e. if x was 5
Floor(x) would be 5.
Ceiling(x) would be 5.

Basically put it's rounding a number up or down without paying attention to the decimal part. Since Round(x,0) will round 5.51394 to 6 but will round 5.498389 to 5. If your application needs the number rounded up each time you would use Ciel(x), if it needed rounding down you rould use Floor(x)
Asked on Friday, February 28, 2014