Asked May 31 2014

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Toying with the idea of getting a basic model (something like a Robomow rm510)...For one, I like my Roomba cleaning my house, 2) kinda' getting a little lazy now, and 3) well, I just like robots in general...:). Any comments, caveats or advice from anyone who has any experience with them? Yes, I do realize I could build one as well... just an option...
May 31 2014
Hey Tech... not a bad idea... Are they self propelled? Otherwise I would need to come up with a hefty drive base...
May 31 2014
Not self-propelled to my knowledge. Have a look at greenworks mowers. I bet you could put a gear and chain or some other drive on it.
May 31 2014
Here is a cheap lawn mower that you can add the ezb into
July 14 2014
Does anyone have the complete plans to build a remote control or robotic lawnmower?