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Anyone Own/Use A Robotic Lawnmower?

Toying with the idea of getting a basic model (something like a Robomow rm510)...For one, I like my Roomba cleaning my house, 2) kinda' getting a little lazy now, and 3) well, I just like robots in general... :). Any comments, caveats or advice from anyone who has any experience with them? Yes, I do realize I could build one as well... just an option...

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Most of the robotic mowers depend on a signal wire buried in the ground to define the perimeter. They may work well for smaller yards. I thought about modding one but with 2 & 1/2 acres I would need a fleet solution.
I had one. It worked very well for a 1/4 acre used until my automatic sprinkler system and my automatic robotic mower met at the same place and the same time. The mower lost. The one I had used a proximity sensor and a buried wire. It would run to the edge of the yard and find the wire, then run around the perimeter of the yard cutting. Once it made the full loop, it would then cut randomly across the yard for a specific amount of time.

any dips in the yard were problematic. I was always filling low spots to try to make it easier on the bot. I would love to find an old broken one and rebuild it with ez-b, compas, GPS, sonar...
I have a small and very straight forward backyard... maybe a used one so I won't feel bad when I eventually hack it....:)

Thanks guys
You could use those 48v electric mowers. They cut something like 6 acres per charge I think.
Hey Tech... not a bad idea... Are they self propelled? Otherwise I would need to come up with a hefty drive base...
Not self-propelled to my knowledge. Have a look at greenworks mowers. I bet you could put a gear and chain or some other drive on it.
South Africa
Here is a cheap lawn mower that you can add the ezb into
Does anyone have the complete plans to build a remote control or robotic lawnmower?