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hi there,
Im working with the EZB-4 and 21x servos + a lot leds, camera and sensors..
the robot needs a lot power in action.
in the same second If my robot says: "my battery is low", he collapse..
I have no time for a reaction. its not good for the optical look.. I dont want scratches.. or a broken arm.. you know.
So I need to find a way to programming a better "battery is low warning". or a optical LED.. the best and coolest way is a live status inside the EZ-Robot Software..

May 5 2015

No worries. :)
May 5 2015

I forgot to add a sleep() command in post #24.
It just helps give the processor time to think. You can change the value to what you want. I put it as 500 milliseconds and Rich done it for a 1000 which essentually runs the script loop every half a second of sl1 second, so you can change this to what you want.
May 5 2015
Also in post #24 you need to put $voltage=GetVoltage() inside your loop or you are only reading the battery voltage just once....



saywait("warning, battery voltage is low")

DJ Sures
May 5 2015
If your battery is low and you run the battery less than the warning - it may explode. There are dozens of warnings all over the website and in the EZ_B. The message is there for a reason. LiPo batteries CANNOT run less than the specified voltage. The battery is low is there for a reason. It's a lot of code with a great deal of testing to ensure LiPo battery life expectancy and safety.

This warning message cannot be ignored.
May 6 2015
thanks for the warning @DJ
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Published Tuesday, May 5, 2015