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I know that Rich got a confirmed shipping email... Anyone else? Can you post here and let us know?
Commented May 2014
1. Batteries in 8.12 volts at wire ends. (rechargeable are recharging - using standard 1.5 AA batteries)
2. Put wires into alternate power adapter.
3. Measure voltage at barrel inside - 0.0 volts.
4. Measure voltage at screws - 8.12volts.

My vote would be alternate power adapter
DJ Sures
Commented May 2014
Seems that way! Let's get you one. I'll put a note on Jason Z's desk to get one sent out to you right away :)

If you have an old power adapter with a barrel plug that you can spare, cut the end off a few inches from the plug. Strip back the wires and you can attach them to the [sku:15] for the meantime.

Glad to hear the [sku:40] is working - Jeremie B personally tests every one. He's more OCD than I am. He would be surprised to hear an EZ-B was shipped not functioning.
Commented May 2014
Ohmed neg screw/terminal to barrel - shorted.
Ohmed pos screw/terminal to inside barrel - open no connect.
Dave Schulpius
Commented May 2014
Wow, That's weird. I guess even a simple little thing like this can make something look really broken.
Commented May 2014
Just for the record, when I ordered several of the green plugs, a couple of them did not work also. It has been so long ago, that it doesn't matter now. But, just so you will know.
Avatarby Richard R
Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014