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For Those Who Have Received Confirmed Shipping Email?

I know that Rich got a confirmed shipping email... Anyone else? Can you post here and let us know?


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Ok, so some lucky ones have already received their EZB4 orders... So it looks like clearly the first 20 have been shipped... Just wondering what the status of the remaining 80 hand built orders are now? @EZ-Robot, any chance for another shipping update for the rest of us early qualifiers? How about what order # you are up to (shipped wise) as well?

@Technopro - Your order is up next! We are just waiting on a small order of H-Bridges to arrive and we will be ready to ship yours out! As a fellow Canadian, you get free Express Shipping:) Stay tuned!

@Richard R - We have already shipped over 60 boards:) Of the remaining 40, we are just waiting on a few small items to arrive (Rover Chassis, H-Bridge, Jumper Cable packs) for some customer orders. All of the last items are arriving in sometime next week so we should be able to ship all the remaining orders in less than 2 week time! With that being said...your's was shipped today! Check your email for the confirmation email and your account for the Tracking info.
Got "the" email... my order 3597 marked as shipped.... so awesome, I can hardly believe it...:) Thanks Jason.... and my girlfriend especially thanks you as she was so tired of me whining and complaining about how long shipping was taking....;)
@Jason -Thanks for the update, saved an email.:)

@Richard R - Congrats on the shipping notice!:D My turn soon I hope... silly rover chassis *blush* that's whats holding my order up.
Thanks Steve... I also ordered a rover chassis (my first order). Which also is delayed like yours... Thankfully a few days later I ordered a couple of boards with cameras... because it this order that is being shipped now... I am sure both our rover orders will ship very soon..... hang in there...
wow 60 boards allreddy chipped.great job:D
Just got my tracking number! Woo Hoo! Thanks, Jason!
That's good news Steve... Mine is due to arrive on Friday via Canada Post....:)
Hooray, I have received my tracking number for a Developer Kit. ETA to the antipodes is 5th June, plenty of time to clear my work bench and go through the Learn Section of this site.
My Wall-E is already fitted with 7 servos for head & arm movements and is awaiting the continuous rotation servos for the tracks, which hopefully won't be too challenging to fit
Thanks very much Ez-Robot!
Just got to powering up EZ-B V4. Didn't work. Hum. Check batteries - okay. Check connection to DC connection piece - okay at screws. Check inside barrel and outside - no work. Opened up and checked connections on power base. Seem connected, but no input. Got a 5v 2A wall wort and plugged it in - power up - of course not the recommended voltage so it keeps saying my batter is low. So if you hit a no go on power up check that barrel portion that you put the wires into.
Can I get a new "tested" on? DJ?
PC, every single EZ-B v4 is tested. I am unable to understand your message. Are you saying that the EZ-B v4 continues to say "My Battery Is Low"? Or are you saying it doesn't power up at all?

From your post, it sounds like you received the low battery warning. If that is the case, the EZ-B is working and requires either higher voltage as per the datasheet, or it requires the power monitor to be disabled.

If you can clarify, we can help:)
Sorry. I connected the wires from the battery holder to the 'plug'. I read good voltage on the screws you have to tighten to hold the wires. But the inside and outside of the barrel didn't show voltage. I finally used a wall wort - an AC to DC plug and it outputs 5 volts at a similar plug barrel? So I plugged that into the base and it came up. Of course it isn't the 7.2 volts required, but 5 so I am getting battery voltage low, but it works. I tired it again with the shipped plug but it didn't work. SO - that plug in part that you ask us to put the wires into seems to not be working.
I spliced an old 9V battery holder plug to the wires from the battery holder and it powers up fine. So by process of elimination it appears to be that green and black plug not allowing voltage from wires from battery holder to barrel. *confused*
Okay, that helps:) Thank you - we can send another plug out, first let's identify the cause to be certain. I've never heard of the alternate power plug not working before. That blows my mind! *confused*

Let's have you run a few tests to identify the cause for certain to ensure you get the correct replacement.

1) Put fresh batteries in the 6xAA Battery Holder

2) Ensure the wires at the 6xAA Battery Holder have bare exposed at the end. So that connectivity can be made

3) Check for voltage across the Red and Black wires of the battery holder. How many volts does it read?

4) Loosen the screws of the Alternate Power Adapter and follow the directions in this video...

5) As it sounds like you have already done, check for voltage between the barrel's inside and outside of the Alternate Power Adapter

6) Lastly, check the voltage across the two screws of the Alternate Power Adapter which tighten to hold the wire in.

This procedure will help identify if it's the 6xAA Battery Holder or Alternate Power Adapter

Also, you can disable the battery monitor to continue using your EZ-B v4 with less than the desired voltage. Please reference the Low Battery Warning section of the datasheet here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Default.aspx?id=7
1. Batteries in 8.12 volts at wire ends. (rechargeable are recharging - using standard 1.5 AA batteries)
2. Put wires into alternate power adapter.
3. Measure voltage at barrel inside - 0.0 volts.
4. Measure voltage at screws - 8.12volts.

My vote would be alternate power adapter
Seems that way! Let's get you one. I'll put a note on Jason Z's desk to get one sent out to you right away:)

If you have an old power adapter with a barrel plug that you can spare, cut the end off a few inches from the plug. Strip back the wires and you can attach them to the 6xAA Battery Holder for the meantime.

Glad to hear the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller is working - Jeremie B personally tests every one. He's more OCD than I am. He would be surprised to hear an EZ-B was shipped not functioning.
Ohmed neg screw/terminal to barrel - shorted.
Ohmed pos screw/terminal to inside barrel - open no connect.
Wow, That's weird. I guess even a simple little thing like this can make something look really broken.
Just for the record, when I ordered several of the green plugs, a couple of them did not work also. It has been so long ago, that it doesn't matter now. But, just so you will know.