Asked December 11 2013

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I did a quick search but could not find anything on the dimensions for both the ezb V4 and the new camera un-housed. Is there a schematic floating around that has already been posted? I need it to make modifications. In particular I need a side view and measurements of the side view of the camera and pcb its attached to. Thanks in advance to any links or info.

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December 13 2013
Thanks. Just what I wanted to know. Great help. Any idea the measurement from the top edge of the board to the center if the lens? Also what are the 6 pins to the left on the board for?
April 7 2014
>> I don't have the depth dimensions written down yet but I'll get those soon and update this thread.
With a depth measurement you'll have to keep in mind that the JST connector on the back and the Camera lens on the front are the maximum points that stick out, the camera board to adapter board depth will be much less. <<

@skater_i10 , anymore proper set of cad files or the like of the camera out of its shell? I'm at a critical point in final designs on my upcoming product release and I need a top down view with measurements like edge of pcb to center of camera, etc. Any chance of releasing that kinda of info here? Also are the pins along the side going to be in the final product?

Thanks in advance
April 8 2014
Hi @fxrtst

The pins along the side won't be in the final product, they were just for there for testing. As for CAD files we don't have anything drawn up yet but I will see if I might be able to work with Cory to get some thing for you. Would a 2D drawing suffice?
April 8 2014
Even something as simple as a phone pic looking straight down at the camera and dimensions marked up with in a photoshop like program on the pic. Most important are the dimension from the top edge to the center lens, also from the sides, and the outside diameter of the plastic circle around the lens, and how much the lens sticks out from the pcb. And really need the dimension of the outer lens shell, the black disk surrounding the lens.

April 26 2014
Sure could use a mark up on the camera. Do you have side ways dimmensions, looking at the pcb and camera sideways, depth of camera lens to back of the back pcb. Thanks