Asked January 10 2014

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Do I have to use the camera sold with version 4 ez board or can I use a different usb wifi camera?
January 11 2014
I swore DJ said the ezbv4 only works with their camera. That's my concern
January 11 2014
As in wired cameras that plug directly into the board. If it's wireless (like bluetooth) or wires to the PC then it shows up on the list.
January 11 2014
I haven't had much luck finding too many wireless cameras
January 11 2014
From what I understand it is true that V4 only works with the EZ Robot camera because you attach it directly to the board. The board processes and streams the info to your computer over Wifi then on to EZ Builder. However your still going to be able to use other cameras because EX Builder will be backwards comparable with using computer devices like USB Cameras.

In case you still need to know the size of the V4 camera hare's a pic. Looks like it a little larger then a Canadian Quarter:

User-inserted image

Hope this helps.
January 11 2014
Ohhhh that may fit! Looks like I need to add to my order