Asked January 5 2014

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Is it possible to enable and disable for example the color tracking check box in the camera control in EZ-Builder via the SDK while conected via the telnet server?

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Greetings! I'm the support robot! I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
January 5 2014
By the way.

The reason for all of this is that I am going to try and write an application that sits between the roborealm AVM navigation module and EZ-Builder. I will pull values from the module, provide them to EZ-Builder and use EZ-Script to make the robot do the movements. That way I might be able to have the robot learn a path via the webcam and then navigate it again autonomously.

Should be a nice learning experience. Now I only need the EZ-B:)
January 7 2014
@JD Sures

Just so you know your time spent on providing the information was not wasted I have successfully integrated and adjusted your code examples to pull the information I needed from Roborealm into EZ-Builder for use in EZ-Script.

Thanks again for your help
DJ Sures
January 8 2014
Really? That's excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing it:D Any chance you could share a video of your project when you're ready?
January 8 2014
@DJ Sures At this point I can read the variable values from roborealm via their XML based API and I can get the variables into EZ-Builder for use in EZ-Script.

The next step requires me to having the EZB since I need to find a way to get the video from the robot's camera streamed into roborealm so the AVM module can do its job on the video stream and report back the movement variables.

Assuming I can get the whole thing working I have no issue posting what I did but don't want to get anyone's hopes up until I actually have the robot navigate using roborealm AVM navigate mode.

If you take a look at roborealm AVM you will see what it is I am trying to do especially the navigate mode.

Plus it's a nice way to learn c# even if the whole idea falls flat on its face in the end:)
January 8 2014
Another project I was thinking of using your code examples for is having six doing a dance and having it send variables to another arduino based robot I have using xbee's and coordinating their dancing.