Asked November 22 2013

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Ok now the updates for the V4 have been released, anybody wanna get rid of their (working) EZb V3s? I'm gonna need a few for my projects, and since the V4 is not readily available yet...

Send me an email and offer:

April 16 2014
Bumping this thread, offer is still up there...anybody out here willing to part with their V3s after they get their V4s, please send me an email and offer. Paypal only please.

Here it is again:

April 16 2014
Hey Marc... You can still have mine if you want it... I am still away (back tomorrow) and EZ Robot has still yet to ship the early V4 boards.... If I send you my board I will be without one until my V4 shows up.... If you can hang in there you can still have mine.

April 16 2014
@Richard R

Oh yeah man I was planning on getting more than one V3...I'm using them on other projects too.
I'm also assuming people will sell when they actually get their V4s on hand...
April 16 2014
You bet Marc... I will let you know very soon...

May 1 2014
Another reminder for those wanting to get rid of their old working V3s...send me an offer at