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Ez-B V3 For Sale?

Ok now the updates for the V4 have been released, anybody wanna get rid of their (working) EZb V3s? I'm gonna need a few for my projects, and since the V4 is not readily available yet...

Send me an email and offer:


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I'll have 2 or 3 for sale but not till I get the V4's I have comming. Hopefully that will be in a few weeks.


Cool! Let me know. Thanks!

United Kingdom

How many are you after @doombot? I ask because I'd also be interested in any that people have replaced for the V4 (although I don't need any so give @doombot first refusal on them but be aware I'd also be interested in taking them off your hands if the price is right).


I think 3 would be enough to keep me busy until the V4 is readily available. My bot is a little under 5 ft tall and I'm using a bunch of swash plate-type joints using multiple servos and motors so I need a lot of ports...


Doombot, You caught my attention when you said your robot was "little under 5 ft. tall". I like big robots, what does your robot body look like? Any pics? Thank you, Steve S


Hello @Steve S I've already been through several re-designs but yes I have every intention of posting my build here. If you've seen my work on Ikon Customs you'll have some idea where I'm headed. Think HR Giger meets T-800 EndoSkeleton. I still havent decided on a platform but I'm playing around the Klann Linkage type design.

But yeah when I have something concrete I will post a build thread. Thanks for your interest man.



  1. To entertain me.
  2. A centerpiece/attention getter when I do conventions.
  3. To showcase my sculpting/technical skills (or lack thereof haha).
  4. Scare the neighborhood kids.

Its mostly gonna be Autonomous but I may switch off to r/c mode especially since it has a paintball gun mechanism in one hand and a motorized water pistol on the other.


@Guys, I am wanting to sell my 3, V3 boards but not till I get my V4 boards here. It sounds like you are going to be buying the V4 boards and want the old version to hold you over till you get the V4's yourself so not sure if I can help.

@Doombot, I love your work with the custom guitars. I'm seriously thinking of buying one and I don't even play! Very, Very cool. One would look great in a frame on my wall. Kinda like at the Hard Rock Cafe.


@Doombot, email me at leversofpower at yahoo dot com and I'll sell you mine.


@Doom , I took a look at your site, I don't play guitar but those are some crazy looking instruments. Did you mold them yourself?


@levelsofpower just sent you an email bud. Thank you.

@jstarne yes I do everything from scratch. However since the company has blown up I've got interns helping me out. Anyone interested in my stuff please email me through my site...I'm not sure if we can talk about it here.


I would love one more ez-b v3 or just the chip and Bluetooth chip.


OK. Thanks I did not see that they were still in the store. But Im still in need of the ez-b v3 chips. Or the whole ez-b v3 bord.


@vhs896, Maybe an e-mail to the "Contact Us" link asking if they have the V3 chip for sale will get you one. I remember DJ posting on this forum months ago saying he could send these to people needing them. Don't know if they still stock them or have access to them though.


@leversofpower Its done bud. Check your email. Thanks!:D


They don't stock the chips anymore for the v3. I have used the "contact us" I had the chips on order but then they did not have them. So after a long wait until any one got back to me. I'm still looking for a v3 board or a chip.


I have an extra V3 that I will not be using until after my V4 arrives, and I would be OK selling it and getting another V4 when I start that project.

contact me at with a reasonable offer.




Just plugged in the V3 you sent me, it doesn't work. You said there was no problem with it.

The bluetooth module light blinks red, like it should be, but the rest of the board is dead. Since he gave me a great price its no big deal, I may just change what components needed changing but is this a chip issue?

Like I said there seems to be power coming in, as the bluetooth module seems to be responding but there is no blinking blue LED. I haven't checked if there is power anywhere else in the board. I powered it with 5v all the way to 9v.

Any help will be appreciated.

A list of component part numbers would help too. It should help to mention that I have a working V3 Ive been using for months now so it's not a "User" fault haha.


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Follow the diagnostics tutorial and check it's not just a case of the blue LED being at fault.

There are quite a few posts recently about the best ways to go about checking each component on the EZ-B too. The most common issue is the regulators, there are two so it may be that the one which powers the BT module is OK but the other one is gone.

If it is a chip issue EZ-Robots can probably sort it out for you but first try to make sure it is the chip before going down that route.

To add, if there is an issue which needs discussing with the seller then it's probably best all around to keep that discussion private via email rather than air dirty laundry on the forum:)


@Rich Like I said no issue with the seller...I like tinkering anyway and since he gave me a great price...that's why I thought it was ok to post it in public.

I'll do the diagnostics, thank you again Rich!

United Kingdom

I had hoped that would be the case but thought it would pay to just mention it anyway:)

Diagnostics may help however generally covers connection of RX and Tx from chip to bt module. You may be better off starting with checking the voltage at each regulator.

Also, it may pay to remove the BT module, remove the chip, resit the chip and then resit the bt module. It may have come loose during transit.



just a idea , unplug the blue tooth and remove the Pic , clean the pins and reinsert the chip. Sometimes they just need to be reset. let us know if that helps bud.

edit - apparently Rich had already suggested that , I must have missed it. I have just been slammed busy at work. Retail plus holidays equals loosing your mind lol.


I will when I get home guys! Thanks again for the great help!

Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone on this board happy holidays! stay safe!


alright, unplugged the Bluetooth, cleAED IT And reconnected it, worked almost immediately. thanks guys!


Yup crazy simple right? Glad it worked for you!


Bumping this thread, offer is still up there...anybody out here willing to part with their V3s after they get their V4s, please send me an email and offer. Paypal only please.

Here it is again:



Hey Marc... You can still have mine if you want it... I am still away (back tomorrow) and EZ Robot has still yet to ship the early V4 boards.... If I send you my board I will be without one until my V4 shows up.... If you can hang in there you can still have mine.



@Richard R

Oh yeah man I was planning on getting more than one V3...I'm using them on other projects too. I'm also assuming people will sell when they actually get their V4s on hand...


You bet Marc... I will let you know very soon...