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Asendtech has several of these tiny 6 in x 6 in mini pc / CPU combo , just 29.99 , very very good option for a autonomous robot (a person doesn't need to be at a computer or laptop wirelessly controlling it ). These draw about 12 watts. I just bought one , get them while they are hot! - Josh
Commented May 2012
i found a nice mini pci express card for the motherboard ,it has WIFI and BLUETOOTH ,low cost

mini pci express wifi/bluetooth card

@ndavid all ITX board connection all the same on all boards
Commented May 2012
Only go for a atom 330 or higher , that's dual core 1.6ghz. I've.had a machine.just.for surfing that was so single core 1.6ghz and it was not a quick as I would like. I found a 40 percent improvement spending a few extra dollars for dual core
Commented May 2012
I have a wimpy toshiba netbook and if i have both voice recognition on and face detection, it does not want to sync up with the bluetooth. Need to shut most of it down before connecting to bluetooth.
Commented May 2012
Yea that's possibly a good example of "underpowered". My system uses a AMD 32 nanometer chip , uses 20 watts , dual core 2.2 GHz 2mb cache , 4 gig ram. It's a newer idea of taking good chipsets and shrinking them. The comparable desktop CPU is 60 watts. Anyways a dual core is the way to go , these single cores can't do everything you throw at them , 64 bit systems do a lot better job (utilizing cores better) without 64 bit is the dual cores run in a sort of hyperthreading mode but not both cores full time , they take turns each clock cycle processing data.
Commented May 2012
problem since i work with computers for a very long time,its not really the speed, its the memory and resources
i have a notebook running 1.6 mhz 4gig ram,it runs everything great,but i tuned it up
you need a program called XPLITE,it removes programs and resources not needed.there so many using the memory and then you try to open a program it wont start fast or be slow
you should see how many many programs on the robot computer not needed

speed does fix the problem,BUT as more speed or power so does the heat and battery usage goes up

in XP PRO and other operating systems there is a program that tell you how much memory is used
called WINDOWS TASK MANAGER (ctr-alt-del)
memory should be half of the installed memory with all programs running ,and there is a CPU usage meter telkling you how much the CPU is using ,should look at near 35% ,mine i have it at 20% or less
another slowing down computers alot,seen to much i have to fix at work ,till they got another IT computer guy,is they need disc cleanup and DEFRAG
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Published Saturday, April 21, 2012