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Mini Itx Cheap! Dell Atom 330 29.99

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Asendtech has several of these tiny 6 in x 6 in mini pc / CPU combo , just 29.99 , very very good option for a autonomous robot (a person doesn't need to be at a computer or laptop wirelessly controlling it ). These draw about 12 watts. I just bought one , get them while they are hot! - Josh

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i order 2 at 5 days ago,cant wait to get it,specs are fairly good


robotmaker you must have enough robots and robot parts to fill a warehouse ! Right-on !! JW


JUST ABOUT 30 and counting,like DJ has looking to keep me busy in my spare time,since i do my electronic designs for work at home freelancing and pay is super good and free travel,except for vacations i pay most likely be DJ best customer for buying his boards


How many boards have you purchased? I bought two so far...



You need to get some more pics of your stuff posted! Lets see what you got going on!

Josh, you got a link brotha?




Can someone give me a link to the Asendtech mini ITx,please? I'm thinking Gizmo would love to have one of them! Whats the OS for these? Do they come with any software already installed? Info please.


@kkeast if you look at the webcam with ezb posting the link was there cheap itx board for $40

also they have plenty left also kkeast on photos ,i mostly build robots not much in taking photos until finished it looking to post my IROBOT ROOMBA by tuesday about 90% done there are some photos of it up and will have complete project up this week if you take photos you never get done

after week hope to have my finished project of my BROOKSTONE ROVER project up


board is at a very good price ,$29.99 +$9.99 shipping ,dual core 1.66 mhz and up to 4 gig ram


OK, you tech savy guys. I've never ventured into embedded computing. I'd like a really good idea of what I'd be getting myself into. I see this is a motherboard. I read the description on the specs, but left me with a s_ _ tload of questions. The size seemes perfect for placing in a robot. Does it come with a power supply, or a connection for an AC wire/plug? Is there any software on it at all? What OS does it need? What would I have to add too this to make it a viable control system? I presume that the EZ-B would need to be interfaced to it. I see it has USB ports. Can the EZ-B be connected via one of the USB ports? Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks guys, Lloyd


you need a hard drive ,best is SSD wont get damage and has low power,but any laptop drive it good 12 volts is all you need on this one,will need memory sticks up to 4 gig,operating system like windows xp pro ,ebay has a lot of them,and cd rom to install it and using the usb port to connect to EZB I DO ALOT OF COMPUTER REPAIRS so if you need more info i can help its pretty easy to set it up


the 29.99 + 9.99 ship one is single core btw


no dual core 1.66 mhz The OptiPlex FX160 is powered by an Intel Atom N330 1.6 GHz dual-core processor

atom 330 is dual core 1.66 mhz ,atom 230 is single core 1.66 mhz

optiplex fx160 specs


Dam they dont ship to australia:(


Robotmaker: That exact spec sheet says: "Processor Type: Intel Atom 230 (1.6GHz Single Core), Intel Atom 330 (1.6GHz Dual Core) available in December 2008" And please note the 1st eBay ad I posted, the 29.99 +9.99 shipping one says nothing about being an Atom 330 or being dual core.


For powering these: Someone needs to verify my hypotheses that these require 12V alone.

If so, please remember that ordinary step down power converters require that input volts be a certain amount above output volts, or they stop regulating output... To use this 8A DC-DC step down converter power supply module 8-40V to 3V-30V for instance, you'll need to run an 18V or 24V battery system to ensure 12V regulated output. There's a few alternatives to this: 1st would be what's known as a boost/buck or a step up/step down converter, like this DC 8-40V To DC 12V 6A Step-up&down Converter 2nd would be to put a Universal Laptop Car Adaptor set to output 18V, in front of an ordinary step down converter. 3rd would be a Car Adaptor meant for an older Asus Eee PC, which used 12V power supplies.. This 36W Car DC Adapter Power Supply Battery Charger for Asus Eee PC 1000HD 900 900HD claims to be a boost/buck converter by its specs, but I would verify via volt meter that it indeed outputs 12V while varying the input 11-15V, before I used it.


@ndavid79 check the model # it says its dual core atom 330 in specs also ask the person who sells it will say the same PI671R/EAGLE 92NWV : Dell Optiplex System Motherboard 07179-3 PI671R/Eagle 92NWV

Motherboard with built in Intel Atom 330 1.6 GHz Dual Core Processor. Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet.

internet is your friend for finding specs

dc-dc conveters you need near 8 volt difference between input to ouput unless is a boost dc-dc converter on this board is straight double 12 volts,mostly all you need is tie the yellow wires together and use a higher current wire or use 2 seperate yellow wires and ground to battery ,it takes a 4 pin molex connector


Hi robotmaker Would this motherboard be good to use on a Leaf robot? Also would like to know it you have a Leaf micro controller or a Leaf board I could buy from you.




Hey jstarne1;

How would you suggest Powering this in a Bot?


@bc yes if not using a monitor,i had a single core 1.4 ghz works great with LEAF software with roborealm no CSLU animated software should get 4 gig memory for it cpu is 2.66 mhz dual core up to 4 gig,windows xp pro is better and use SSD cost a ittle more,but save in more run time and any bumps will damage other hard drives also there is programs that are free like XPLITE what it does it removes un-used programs ,drivers, and resources not needed for robots,so it make tyour computer start faster and run faster with using much virtual memory

ON THE MICROCONTROLLER board,ones i have using for my robot designs ,but ,there is a email to contact ALEX who made the board,are you good at soldering if not i can look at the cost to buy the parts and send one of mine,i dont ask for any extra money for my time ,i do reasearch the internet for the lowest cost in parts with shipping main item is the micro processor $105 i think from canada,you can buy it from them makes little easy,since it plug in easy

@RR33 ALL YOU NEED IS CONNECT THE yellow wire from 4 pin cable to 12 volts and use a gnd then use SSD drive,another if looking to save money is a laptop drive not great but better then 3 1/2 drives to install windows,can use CD ROM or USB CD ROM or COPY DRIVE TO DRIVE,LITTLE HARD


Thanx Robotmaker; Yes, I build computer systems...I guess my real question is: "How would you suggest I power this and the EZB,h-bRIDGES, ETC ALL ON ONE 12V Source.


Thanks robotmaker, I did talk to Alex and he was going to look at the cost of shipping. That was on April 15th. I guess he is busy. So I guess I will give him some more time to get back to me.

The vision is not working for me. Should I be using roborealm?

Thanks BC


An you run windows 7 on this board? I seem to recall reading in the forums that you cannot use the speech on windows xp. Am I wrong?


@bc you need to install opencv first,and if using the lastest a change in file name needs to be changed to match the filename in lisp leaf file,#2 you need to make shore camera is setup up second in opencv in programs there is a exaple called facedetect.exe it should come up showing the face if doesnt opencv not installed right or missing opencv files,witch i have in group files only need roborealm if using the filters and other modules recognizing you need to train it,join the club and can help you more on that windows 7 it a little harder to set up face recognition with webcam

@rr333 that board use 12 volts so it goes straight to a 12 volt battery or two 6 volts in series for EZB YOU NEED A DC-DC CONVERTER ,for h-bridges it depend on the voltage ebay does have very tiny dc-dc converters at 3 amps for about $3.80 each including shipping


robotmaker, I did join the club and i also took your advice on the operating system I am now using windows XP Pro. My user name in the club is wconway213. I should have used BC.

Thanks for your help.



Hey all,

Don't forget you are going to also probably want wifi usb and a sound usb adapter to boot. No onboard sound on this board from what I see. This board does not support standard PCI...looks like it has a dell proprietary pci slot. One thing to remember is to add up all cost of the the other components you would be adding on and compare it to other more complete boards/mini PCs that have everything already there for you.

I still believe Windows 7 is the way to go.....just to keep the lively conversation going with Robotmaker;)




i have 2 windows 7 and tried it with LEAF cause many problems plus slow down the computer some windows 7 should make it faster but only if using 32 bit,but then raises more power less battery life on wifi and adding sound ,its very cheap most can be got from $5 to $10 on ebay ,usb input

here is a usb sound card i have a few of i paid a little more for mine but works really good sound card 3d 5.1 stereo

and usb wifi adapter g/b/n for under $6 ,many others on ebay to chose from

usb wifi adapter


@ Robotmaker,

I have not got into LEAF yet but it is still on my list. If it is good as you say it is I hope that community realizes that if LEAF is going to have any future it needs to either go LINUX, MAC, or stay up with Windows and 64 bit systems. Otherwise it will dry up with lots of other good ideas that can only be supported on older unsupported software and hardware (and there are lots of things that were just too advanced for their time like that). Sounds like LEAF requires a software re-engineer that would bring it performance enhancements with 64 bit if it is coded correctly.

Personally I suggest keeping a lookout for netbooks or laptops that have enough CPU have a power supply built in!



@kkeast LEAF almost has LINUX support,the interface is made just needs to be fine tuned it uses windows and LINUX TOGETHER if you look at every very high end commerical robots more then $5000 to $100000 alot uses windows xp,i have yet to see one uses WINDOWS 7 then there is some using LINUX so with all that high cost dont they use WINDOWS 7 i know one super good reason one is battery power to run a faster CPU and then you dont really need a super fast computer unless high end gamming or high end video or programming

SOME leafers DO USE LAPTOPS i have 3,but does take up space,weight and battery power,lcd not really needed unless you are running CSLU with LEAF CSLU is a animated software another problem with a laptop is the price sometimes 4 times and more of the price of embedded pc board some leafers like it because it shows the cute animated leaf on screen,but with lot of embedded boards do have connections for lcd screens,to me i dont like using animated CSLU takes of much memory and speed,and dont really need it on a robot none of the very high end commerical robots use it i am adding a animated head to mine,but need more time in the day to my designs too many projects ,plus house building projects and my trips and my work for the company i do at home


Sold on that! Good Deal!

I bet there will be more...

Was happy to see that this has onboard audio too! ADI 1984A Integrated HD Audio

should be fun to play around with.




Will it handle the Win7 64 bit OS? I want speech recognition and according to DJ you need Win7 or higher for that function in EZ-B.


i have voice recognition working in windows vista,and should work in windows xp

LEAF has voice recognition and i have it on all my robots using WINDOWS XP PRO


I would still like Win7 - I just want to make sure this board could handle Win7 before I bought one. Does anyone know?


it can take WINDOWS 7 ,then then you need to get drivers for it here are the drivers for windows 7

fx160 windows 7 drivers good thing about google or yahoo search its a good friend


Hey guys, I realize that this is off topic for this thread; but, I've posted a question a couple of time about the L289N motor driver and havn't had any luck getting an answer. I'm confused on the PWM hook up. I watched DJs video on it and I see it has 4 wires running to the ENA, +5, +5, ENB. If I understand correctly, a digital pin has to be assigned as a PWM, then attached to an "enable" pin. Is this much correct? Can anyone help me out with the correct hook up please? Thanks


robotz each digital pin you use EN so you need one digital pin for ENA and one digital pin for ENB


@ robotmaker : I just want to make sure I have it right. I can use, say pins D3, and D4. Then " add control" PWM to those 2 pins, and connect D3 to ENA and D4 to ENB. Do I have it right? Again, thank you for your response, much appreciated. Lloyd


what is D3 AND D4 on EZB or on h-bridge, and do you have model # for specs


what is D3 AND D4 on EZB or on h-bridge, and do you have model # for specs

bought another really good board for under $33 a nd has wifi and bluetooth,doesnt say it ,but when i got the board it had a second board attached to it with itx poer supply,and wifi and bluetooth modules it is 1.2 ghz with 1 gig ram,it does have on the itx board pcia adaper and memory card reader to add memory card for operatring system ,witch is very good,itx board can easy remove and use it like it is too it is good for some robot projects only needing EZB AND SENSORS ,MOTORS AND SO ON using it for my ROOMBA project,also has video output for tv monitor

1.2 ghx itx board with WIFI


@robotmaker: Have you used the EZ-B??????? There are 20 digital I/O pins on the EZ-B. I watched DJ's tutorial video on PWM. It showed four wires connected to ENA, +5, +5, ENB. DJ responded to my eariler question concerning the L289N, and said that only one pin ( ENA ) would control both "enable" pins. ?????????????????????????


yes,but i need to know the model of your board,each h-bridge is different and different inputs


@robotmaker: I couldn't find any identifing numbers or markings on the motor driver, so I've attached some pics below. Thanks again.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


ok hook is IN1 is pwm digital pin,IN2 is DIR digital pin,and EN A IS GND second motor its the same IN4 is PWM digital pin,IN3 is DIR digital pin ,ENB is GND

if you want good control ENA and ENB can be tied together and use a digital to turn if off on over current or a problem or connect to a simple current comparator circuit both protect the chip from a current overload using the digital pin will need a analog input for a current monitor where current comparator doesnt need a digital pin or analog pin,its a 8 pin cheap chip and few resistors,plus a current monitor board on ebay about $4 ARC SETUP need 2 PWM controls ,pwm left set D15 IN CONFIG in pwm right set D17 in cofig then 4 wire motor control, left trig A at D15,LEFT trigB at D16,RIGHT trigA at D17 and right trigB at D18

ON WIRE FROM BOARD IN1 is D15,IN2 is D16,IN4 is D17,IN3 is D18 ARC file is attached PWM-HBRIDGE.EZB


Hi robotmaker, I ordered the wrong motherboard. Can you tell me if this one will work for Leaf


Dell TK7TF Optiplex FX 160 USFF Series Motherboard. Dell meets the current and future demands of high performance, power embedded computing, making it ideal for communications, transaction terminal, interactive client, industrial automation applications as well as for standard home use.

Manufacturer: Dell Part Numbers: TK7TF 0TK7TF CN0TK7TF CN-0TK7TF PI671R/EAGLE 92NWV Compatible Models: Dell Optiplex FX 160 USFF Series


4 x USB Ports 2 x PS2 Ports RJ-45 (LAN) VGA Port DVI Port Serial port

This Motherboard also comes with Intel 1.6GHz /512/533 Processor

Thanks BC


if you dont use any video,or cslu animated face, and double check if its a dual core 330 processor since does take both and some come with it,memory just little low i can look for another one,but i do have one at home havent tested it yet reallly need 2 gig or more 1.6 mhz is ok on speed,so thinking it might work is dual core atom 330

BC is is one dual core 1.6 mhz up to 2 gig ram,i have one at home running LEAF low power ,just add 2gig of ram

1.6 ghz up to 2gig ram


robotmaker, The processor chip has 512/533 on it. So I guess I will just hold on to for now but I will not use it. I will keep looking for the right board.



1.6 mhz or more 2gig to 4 gig will work,i have another lapto using 1.6 ghx and 2 gig ram and its running fine i would under 3 ghz and 4 gig ram manly because others will much current that 512/533 is not the speed ,speed on that board is 1.6ghz that is the cache and memory speed


512mb is onboard memory , 533 is MHz of memory bus I do believe , but there are lots of Intel atom low cost mini itx boards out there.


yes that is correct,was looking something else because he said processor ,board takes up to 4 gig of memory

BC i look at the specs again that is a perfect board for LEAF ,JUST ADD 4 GIG OF MEMORY person selling that board does have it wrong ,there is no 512meg of memory installed just need to ask a question to make shore it does have ATOM 330 ,some with same model number has a ATOM 230 witch is a single core check page 2 of this post i have FX160 specs


robotmaker, I called the company that I got the motherboard from and asked them if it had an INTEL ATOM and what the model number was (230 or 330). They told me it was a INTEL ATOM but they did not know what model it was.

I am still having problems with Leaf vision but I will ask about that on the yahoo group.

Thanks for your help. BC

@ jstarnel, thanks for the information.



BC its not the model # ,its processor # ,ask if its dual process or single processor if not there many other FX160 that ebay has that has dual core have the same board ,but had to double check to make shore it was a dual core processor


robotmaker I found out that it is a ATOM 230 and that is a single core processor.



just do a search on ebay for dell fx160 ,then ask if it has atom 330,i would set it for the lowest with shipping first,to get the lowest price for one


@BC referencing page 5 of Dell Optiplex 160 Technical Guide Could your tell us if the 5 Audio Connector (AUDIOF1) and 7 Front Panel Connector (FRONTPANEL) on the motherboard itself are labeled with pinouts?


Only go for a atom 330 or higher , that's dual core 1.6ghz. I've.had a machine.just.for surfing that was so single core 1.6ghz and it was not a quick as I would like. I found a 40 percent improvement spending a few extra dollars for dual core


I have a wimpy toshiba netbook and if i have both voice recognition on and face detection, it does not want to sync up with the bluetooth. Need to shut most of it down before connecting to bluetooth.


Yea that's possibly a good example of "underpowered". My system uses a AMD 32 nanometer chip , uses 20 watts , dual core 2.2 GHz 2mb cache , 4 gig ram. It's a newer idea of taking good chipsets and shrinking them. The comparable desktop CPU is 60 watts. Anyways a dual core is the way to go , these single cores can't do everything you throw at them , 64 bit systems do a lot better job (utilizing cores better) without 64 bit is the dual cores run in a sort of hyperthreading mode but not both cores full time , they take turns each clock cycle processing data.


problem since i work with computers for a very long time,its not really the speed, its the memory and resources i have a notebook running 1.6 mhz 4gig ram,it runs everything great,but i tuned it up you need a program called XPLITE,it removes programs and resources not needed.there so many using the memory and then you try to open a program it wont start fast or be slow you should see how many many programs on the robot computer not needed

speed does fix the problem,BUT as more speed or power so does the heat and battery usage goes up

in XP PRO and other operating systems there is a program that tell you how much memory is used called WINDOWS TASK MANAGER (ctr-alt-del) memory should be half of the installed memory with all programs running ,and there is a CPU usage meter telkling you how much the CPU is using ,should look at near 35% ,mine i have it at 20% or less another slowing down computers alot,seen to much i have to fix at work ,till they got another IT computer guy,is they need disc cleanup and DEFRAG