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Hey EZ-Robot team. I like the new packaging for the V4 controllers. Nice job.
DJ Sures
March 9 2015
oh wow that's a sharp box! thanks for sharing :D
March 10 2015
@DJ... I know, eh.... It's so nice! I am thinking about using the ezb4 box for the ring when and if I pop the question on Sue. :P
March 10 2015
@Richard R,

So, you don't really WANT to get married then? ;)

I think you should 3D print a ring that looks like it has a 4 carat diamond, and when she stops laughing, give her the real one. You'll get away with 1/4 carat less than otherwise because she'll still be so relieved to get anything real. - :p

March 10 2015
haha this conversation is awesome. ;) I am so glad to hear you like the packaging @d.cochran and @Richard! :D
March 10 2015
@Richard R here you go
User-inserted image
DiamondRing.stl ;)
Avatarby CochranRobotics
Published Monday, March 9, 2015