Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Thanks! What does it look like?


Also, its easier to see the port numbers on the side and below the Digital ports, and to the side of the Analog ports. It may just be that my eyes are working better tonight but I dont think so.


oh wow that's a sharp box! thanks for sharing:D


@DJ... I know, eh.... It's so nice! I am thinking about using the ezb4 box for the ring when and if I pop the question on Sue.:P


@Richard R,

So, you don't really WANT to get married then?;)

I think you should 3D print a ring that looks like it has a 4 carat diamond, and when she stops laughing, give her the real one. You'll get away with 1/4 carat less than otherwise because she'll still be so relieved to get anything real. - :p



haha this conversation is awesome. ;) I am so glad to hear you like the packaging @d.cochran and @Richard! :D