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Dying to know what I missed? How was the attendance ? DJ did you get a great response from the crowd? Anyone take video?

Commented May 2012
That's a knee slapper lol
Commented May 2012
@MovieMaker - Hahaha! :D
Commented May 2012
OK I finally scanned the cards etc that we got from Maker Faire. If you are interested here's the you can download.
zip file
Commented May 2012
@ Sam:
I'm sure I speak for a lot of members in thanking you so very much for taking the time to scan all the biz cards you collected at M.F. I do envy you that you got to meet DJ in person. Perhaps someday he may visit Florida and I'll have a chance to meet him. I still think DJ is going to be as well known as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. BTW, very original thinking with Minion! Hope you work out the video thing. I'm planning on attempting a video of Gizmo, when I finally get him up and running. In the last few days progress has really slowed. Having RSS feed , camera tracking, and motor driver problems all at the same time. If robots were easy to build, everybody would be doing it, heh? Anyway, thanks again for sharing.
Commented May 2012
To be honest I would have scanned them anyway. I try to keep digital copies of things because it's easier to find. If there are any bike riders out there. You should check out the monkey electric one. They had some really awesome lights.

Thank you.. my minion is just about done besides hands.... But I did do a video. It's poopie and not all exciting because in current setting he is not really able to move. My room has carpet and unfortunately I didn't read directions all the way and gave away my laptop right around when I got it. But was not functioning yet. (I thought I would be able to add mic and maybe he'd go further but nope.) And when he goes a few feet away from computer he poof either runs away or stops.

I will bite the bullet though and talk through one so you can see him talk. NO LAUGHING though. I hate hearing myself speak on recordings...
Asked on Wednesday, May 23, 2012