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Maker Faire - How Was It?

Dying to know what I missed? How was the attendance ? DJ did you get a great response from the crowd? Anyone take video?



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Maker Faire was great.

My only complaint was that it was TOO crowded. I'd like to have an adult only night. Kids were all over. Running into you, some guy was not paying attention and ran into me with a stroller. (Sounds bad, like I do not dislike kids. I like to play with them and give them back. Mine is almost 19. I just wouldn't have anymore.)

Lots of great stuff. I got cards from all my favorite places. I can scan and post them.

It was awesome meeting DJ. He was pretty busy so we didn't get to talk much. Like I said people every where.

Familiar with Burning Man? Lots of burners there, the Crucible was there too. They are all about the Fire Arts. I used to work for a ticketing company that did a lot of these events. The Crucible has a Fire Arts Festival in July in Oakland.

There was a mini haunted house, some halloween stuff. Some people actually dressed in cardboard robot gear (not done in a good way) and walked around. Lots of 3d printers. Various craft things, some good, some bad. Something for everyone :o)
I did meet Samantha and I was fortunate to see her minion in real life! I may have convinced her to take it out one or two or fifty times and show people. It is a great robot! I'm looking forward to seeing it move in video.

As for my presentations, the first wasn't fantastic because my laptop was acting up. At first i thought it was due to 2.4ghz interference, but when i returned to the booth it was still trouble. Even today in a demo to Microsoft it began acting up again. Looks like i need a new laptop!

The other two presentations went very well.

Sam is right about the crowd, it was insane. We shut down our booth on Sunday and wandered around meeting people. There were just too many people and too much demand for my attention - my brain literally melted.

We're still in sunny california and i'm working slowly on my return. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!

Many meetings with some pretty big and small and awesome companies along the way. Great new relationships that will aid in EZ-Robot's growth - which in turn means more new features and "finally" EZ-Bits.

Samantha was able to see the first EZ-Bit prototype that is in one of my Wall-e's. She also was able to witness our 42" interactive touch screen display created by Pieter. We're very proud of it and super happy to have access to it.

We have some photos up on our facebook page... Here's us enjoying the sun:)

User-inserted image

Me and my friend Erin Kennedy

User-inserted image

Joey Hudy - who is a very bright kid! looking forward to seeing more from him

User-inserted image

The boys from Art Attack - we'll be working together on some neat robot projects in the future. Very excited about that

User-inserted image

And a few places and friends we've visited along the way....

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Wish I could've come! A bit too far to travel from Sweden for a faire though;)
Yes everyone wanted DJ. Including me but he was busy. I brought all of the minions stuff but you were too busy to play with him. I tried doing a video the other day but I hate talking in them. Will have to work on that.

The big touch screen was awesome but it was so crowded you couldn't really get in there to play with it. Hopefully there will be another time.

DJ looks like you had some great meetings while in CA. Hopefully it will encourage you to move to the Bay. Besides you already have a friend here. :o)

Henrik, yes I don't think I would've come from so far to go to the faire but it was a big one and their were people from all over. I met a dude that said he came from Germany.

I will scan all the cards etc I got and post them up. That way you guys can see some of the cool stuff that was there.
dj i see you next to the dalek model,look real good another person in the leaf groups had made about the same one with LEAF AI and real R2-D2 both full detail and full size
looks like i really missed a great show,but there is always next time
i know there is a bigger robot show much bigger then makersfare ,with robot contests and lot more
ever been to it
I'm glad I missed the crowds, but still wished I could have made it. Glad everyone made it through without a robot accident. DJ, looks like you really made head way and enjoyed yourself. Also glad you are taking your time going back, California is a beautiful state, lots to see.

so far is one of states i havent seen,been to almost all,new york is another havent been too
in countries still a few more except for the bad counties,like iran and few others will never go
love the islands,mostly jamaica over 50 times there,france was kinda ok,paris was only people not nice
england (3 times)was super great as was ireland and scotland poland was great and germany people there the best hong kong a few times ,after i go to alaska this summer,looking at may be canada
since i have canadians live near me,and my favorate is whale watching,plus people there are very nice
@henrick sweden was very cool to visit,people are nice ,but dont talk to much to american (found them to be very shy),but still loved your country
@Robotmaker.... Oh you know you want to go to North Korea....
@robotmaker - Hehe yeah, that's swedes alright! We don't talk much to anyone haha;)

There was this British guy fishing with a Swedish guy.

The Brittish Guy says "By Jove, I think I've got me a Haddock!"

The Swedish guys says:

"Vell, Vy don't you take you an Asprin?"

That's a knee slapper lol
@MovieMaker - Hahaha! :D
OK I finally scanned the cards etc that we got from Maker Faire. If you are interested here's the you can download.
zip file
@ Sam:
I'm sure I speak for a lot of members in thanking you so very much for taking the time to scan all the biz cards you collected at M.F. I do envy you that you got to meet DJ in person. Perhaps someday he may visit Florida and I'll have a chance to meet him. I still think DJ is going to be as well known as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. BTW, very original thinking with Minion! Hope you work out the video thing. I'm planning on attempting a video of Gizmo, when I finally get him up and running. In the last few days progress has really slowed. Having RSS feed , camera tracking, and motor driver problems all at the same time. If robots were easy to build, everybody would be doing it, heh? Anyway, thanks again for sharing.
To be honest I would have scanned them anyway. I try to keep digital copies of things because it's easier to find. If there are any bike riders out there. You should check out the monkey electric one. They had some really awesome lights.

Thank you.. my minion is just about done besides hands.... But I did do a video. It's poopie and not all exciting because in current setting he is not really able to move. My room has carpet and unfortunately I didn't read directions all the way and gave away my laptop right around when I got it. But was not functioning yet. (I thought I would be able to add mic and maybe he'd go further but nope.) And when he goes a few feet away from computer he poof either runs away or stops.

I will bite the bullet though and talk through one so you can see him talk. NO LAUGHING though. I hate hearing myself speak on recordings...