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Taken from one of the earliest threads when EZ Robot was a baby. Dated - 2/26/2011 4:01:18 AM

Thread #9

DJ Sures
Commented June 2016
Heck yeah! Couple robostuds out on the town. That was from March when we were flying back from San Francisco. Jeremie and I take a yearly trip to sf
Dave Schulpius
Commented June 2016
You both have grown from baby to macho.
Steve S
Commented June 2016
Great advancements all the time from the robostuds.
This is a fun ride!
Keep being progressive, and I will keep buying. ;) ;)
EZ-Robot deserves a great big THANK YOU!
Commented June 2016
DJ, how can we be sure that's actually you and Jeremie, and not a couple of new state-of-the-art, Revolution models?
DJ Sures
Commented June 2016
@Steve thanks :D i'll keep'm coming!

@pashley, i'm working on it - the minute there are robot replacements, i'm taking a loooong vacation on the beach!
AvatarDave Schulpius
Asked on Tuesday, May 31, 2016