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Remember When?

Taken from one of the earliest threads when EZ Robot was a baby. Dated - 2/26/2011 4:01:18 AM

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Thanks for that Dave,

It took @DJ and I for an enjoable trip down memory lane yesterday:)

I made that video probably more than a year before I worked at ez-robot.
United Kingdom
History in the making!

Glad you guys enjoyed. Not forgetting the past is important. It's great for understanding our accomplishments and how we got here today. You all at EZ Robots have come an incredibly long way sense the V2 days. I found the V3 EZB not too long after it's release and even my inexperienced mind knew it was something different and special.

Your really making more of a difference in peoples lives then you can imagine. I have a young family member with many personal issues. He's floundering in life and has no direction or goals. The only thing he says when you ask him his thoughts on his life or where he wants to go with it is that he'll wait till next year to figure anything out. The only thing he's interested in is electronics. He's never really looked deep into electronics or done anything with it but he has always brightened when he was around something being built or operated by it. I plan to give him a Six I have here waiting for a deserving sole. I have no doubt it will spark something in him that just may just give him something to drive towards. Planting seeds with the help of EZ Robots. :) Thanks guys for everything. Even hope. ;)
I am sure it will spark something.
My son told me I needed to make a robot without connecting wires, after I demonstrated my old robot JAMES built 1982, to my grandkids.
I ran across EZ Robot late 2012, and built my first EZ Robot 3/13.
I have had such a great fulfilling experience with EZ Robot.
Two grandson's have EZ Robots, one DIY and a SIX.
EZ Robot brings everything together!
am not so long here but seeing from pics and video ez robot.
stunning to see what you have created.
insteadt of thinking negatif all day,my life is more stable.
now i think all day ez robots.aldo am taking baby steps i can allreddy do more,
then i was able to think off.
Threads like this make me smile:) thanks everyone.

I remember when Jeremie posted that video. He was a long haired hippy back then!

User-inserted image

If you look closely in his hand, that's the very first ezb v3 ever made!
how does he look now,haha
Scruffy but not hippy:)

User-inserted image
lots off improvement there haha

you bolt looking very cool. :D
Heck yeah! Couple robostuds out on the town. That was from March when we were flying back from San Francisco. Jeremie and I take a yearly trip to sf
Great advancements all the time from the robostuds.
This is a fun ride!
Keep being progressive, and I will keep buying.;);)
EZ-Robot deserves a great big THANK YOU!
DJ, how can we be sure that's actually you and Jeremie, and not a couple of new state-of-the-art, Revolution models?
@Steve thanks:D i'll keep'm coming!

@pashley, i'm working on it - the minute there are robot replacements, i'm taking a loooong vacation on the beach!