Asked December 14 2016

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Greetings everyone!

I have a script that triggers my soundboard in EZ Builder (Windows) but it does not trigger when I am in the mobile app. Now the mobile app is able to trigger sounds when I access the sound file directly from the soundcard in the control list but as soon as I go back to the mobile app and execute the script nothing plays.

Any suggestions? Is there a special script that I don't know about? This is only a problem in the mobile app. When I run the mobile interface from my desktop everything is fine. In the past, the sound file wouldn't transfer to my iPhone but now it does because it is playable in the control list. It's like the EZB knows it's there but doesn't want to play it as part of the script assigned to the button.

It is important to note that I am using a Bluetooth speaker instead of the EZB speaker to play the sounds. If I disconnect the BT speaker the sounds DO NOT play over the EZB speaker. However, when the BT speaker is connected the soundcard control is able to play the sound directly from the control list. The EZB speaker is not able to trigger in any form, control list or otherwise. I never uploaded the sounds into my iPhone. They seem to have come over with the mobile app update.

Thank you,

Douglas *confused* *confused* *confused* *confused*
December 31 2016
Hi DJ,

Is there a date set for the next iOS update?


December 31 2016
It was last updated December 15th. Check and see if that had a fix in it.
December 31 2016
Nope. Not yet.
DJ Sures
December 31 2016
Yes, it was in last iOS release. SoundBoard works with the local speaker using ControlCommand() correctly. I don't think it has been approved from apple due to the holidays.
January 1 2017
Thanks DJ!