Asked April 10 2016

Community Question

DJ, how is the 4 in 1 Orientation Sensor and the Inverted Pendulum coming along? I'm working on a project that is going to depend on these sensors - any time frame yet?

Also, did you post anything on the EZ-Cloud that shows the scripting you used in the video you posted to demonstrate the Inverted Pendulum? I've looked around the Cloud for an example but can't find anything. I would like to acquaint myself with the scripting while I wait for the sensors.

April 10 2016
I've got an ez-b 4.1 and I've had the Inverted Pendulum on order since may '15, does this now mean I have to order a new board for the ez-b4 as well
DJ Sures
April 10 2016
Yes or your money back on the preorder. The /2 upgrade is going to not require a whole new purchase. Just the upgrade board for those who wish to use the new supported upcoming hardware.
April 11 2016
any idea on price for the upgrade board
DJ Sures
April 12 2016
Not yet - we will announce it when it's online. I'm sure someone at ez-robot knows but I don't... We'll have to wait until it's online
July 2 2016
just asking the same old question. any news is good news even if it's about delays