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I Hate To Ask Again But

DJ, how is the 4 in 1 Orientation Sensor and the Inverted Pendulum coming along? I'm working on a project that is going to depend on these sensors - any time frame yet?

Also, did you post anything on the EZ-Cloud that shows the scripting you used in the video you posted to demonstrate the Inverted Pendulum? I've looked around the Cloud for an example but can't find anything. I would like to acquaint myself with the scripting while I wait for the sensors.



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regarding the 4-1 sensor, it seems is fixed, Alan DJ and others they discussed the heading readings. Do you need other values like roll & pitch?


Inverted pendulum is still requiring the speed increase of the ez-b v4.x/2 which begins shipping hopefully in May. Depending on the existing v4 stock sales.


Thanks for the update, DJ, I'll wait for v4/2 to come out and then order everything.


I've got an ez-b 4.1 and I've had the Inverted Pendulum on order since may '15, does this now mean I have to order a new board for the ez-b4 as well


Yes or your money back on the preorder. The /2 upgrade is going to not require a whole new purchase. Just the upgrade board for those who wish to use the new supported upcoming hardware.


any idea on price for the upgrade board


Not yet - we will announce it when it's online. I'm sure someone at ez-robot knows but I don't... We'll have to wait until it's online


just asking the same old question. any news is good news even if it's about delays