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We are completely new to actually building EZ-Robots. My 7 year old son has been fascinated with them for probably about a year on Youtube. To try and encourage his love of ez-robots we bought the adventure bot for his birthday. My sister in law bought some extra parts because lets face it she wanted to win the "Best aunt" award. So she bought him the ultrasonic distance sensor and the LED block. Now we are struggling where to even begin after figuring out how to build the Adventure bot, attach the "extras", charge the batteries....we have no clue where or how to even begin programming this project. So much that the bot has been sitting for about 2 weeks! We want to encourage him but we are going to need the help of anyone who could tell us if this is even possible? We need help because the next project is to try and build him his own Wall-E bot! YES, we are crazy! *stress*
Steve G
Commented January 2016
Great videos. I certainly looks like the little guy was in his element showcasing his Adventure bot design. With all of the help offered on this forum, videos like that is the greatest payoff ever and makes it all worth while. I look forward to see what's next. Thanks for sharing. :)
Commented January 2016
I have one suggestion. I noticed he was doing a lot of chasing of the robot when it was going forward or back and needing to repeat "Robot Stop". The robot itself makes noise (although Adventurebot not nearly as much as, say, a Roli) and as he is chasing it he is moving further from the computer, so it is harder to be heard.

if you modify the default forward and reverse scripts in the speech recognition object so they look like the left and right commands you can have it automatically stop moving after some number of seconds and he'll just need to repeat the "Robot move forward" to get it to go again.



#this will make the robot move forward at top speed for 3 seconds

It also looks like you have a ping sensor installed, but maybe not configured. It can be set to automatically stop the robot when it gets too close to any object (or through some fancy scripting, stop, turn, and keep going. See the Ping Roam sample project from Rich. It is quite complex though).


Future Ez Robot builders Mom
Commented January 2016
Thanks everyone! He loved seeing all of the messages! Alan, thanks for the suggestion. We will try that tonight. We dinked around with it before but I admit we haven't done much with the RGB or the Ping lately. We had it all set up on a different app that was our first test. They are just there in spirit. . .but this weekend since the house is full of yucky bugs and we probably will get a snow storm we will have time to fine tune again. He was just so excited I had to share. I a glad you guys can give tips just from seeing a video.

The replacement battery for Six showed up today so we have a lot to get busy with his robots! He has his list going for what all robots he wants to get started on once we have Six up and running! :)
Future Ez Robot builders Mom
Commented January 2016
Six is up and running again! Much easier the second time! Even calibrated the servos that were off. Feeling pretty proud of myself and of course Robot boy is in heaven. Now to get the mobile app going for Six and have to figure out how to hide my phone so he doesn't take ownership of it! ;)

This gets easier every time but I forget that Robot boy has watched every video and can actually tell me what to do and I should trust him more. ;)
Future Ez Robot builders Mom
Commented February 2016
@DJ Sures my son wanted to make sure to wish you a Happy Groundhog day so before he goes to bed I had to make sure to post it. ;) (We aren't even sure anyone else celebrates this odd day.) HA! But hey we are snowed in for 2nd day tomorrow so yeah Robot building it is for another 24 hours.
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Published Tuesday, October 13, 2015