Asked January 19 2016

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Develop for Inmoov Robot. (Could also be used with any mobile)
This script allows the eyes, head and torso to follow the camera tracking selection.

When the tracking object is out of the camera field, every thing will then center in a neutral position.

The script could be adapted on a mobile where the camera scan for something and when the object is found, the mobile will align itself with the camera and move to the target.

If interested, the file is available in the cloud

camera tracking

Tanks to Bob Houston for sharing the Inmoov eyes modification
DJ Sures
December 27 2018
The best option for a camera mount is actually not in the eye. It's best to have the camera mounted stationary. That way the camera isn't physically moving around. Just like your human eye, if you keep moving it around you'll get dizzy and things are blurry. It doesn't make sense for the camera to actually move. Simply move the eyes based on what the stationary camera sees.

 That way, you can use the Relative Position option in the camera tracking

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December 27 2018 — Updated December 27 2018
Yeah I'll keep this in mind for future versions of Alan and Alena. The camera rides the head, so if the head is not moving then eye tracking by relative position works, when the head moves is when it is no longer..ummm ehhh relative:)
December 28 2018
Aerius is using a inmoov robot the camera is mounted in the eye, the tracking is limited to two movements X and Y axis, so you can move the eyes  OR the head OR the  torso fo track an object that has a color,  what aerius accomplished is to use all three .  example a human or Robot sees a red Fly buzzing in front of him the eyes track the fly but the fly darts to the right out of the eye range the head now turns right to keep the fly in the eye range remember the camera is in the eye, the red fly now moves further to the right and behind, the torso turns to the right to keep the head and the eyes able to continue tracking the red fly.  how did Aerius accomplish this, he states he used scripting .  where is his script so we can examine this. 
December 28 2018

@nallycat..its in the cloud. Open up a new ez builder and click on "EZ APP Store" wait for it to load.

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Then in the User drop down choose Aerius, wait for it to takes several seconds and it crashed on me a couple times, but when its done there will be 8 scripts in there. Pick the eyes head and torso camera tracker, and open.

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December 28 2018
Thanks fxtst  i knew it was suppost to be in the EZ-Cloud app store but it was not there when this post was first made. I see raywrk and  2DGuy also had problems accessing the file, but I see it has been fixrd  just a glitch with the bera Synthiam.