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I just received an email from a friend who believes she has a burnt out Roli motor. The H-bridge and EZ-B pins all check out, and Roli is out of warranty (had and used for almost a year).

Can someone give me the specs of the Roli DC motors, and a link or two of where she (or I) could get a replacement, peferably from the UK?

Commented January 2016
Hey @Steve G, I wish I had better news for you but unfortunately the motors inside Roli are pretty specific, we had to work pretty hard to find a manufacturer that met the specs we needed. There are only a few companies that make the style motor we use, and the bad news is that it would be next to impossible to find a suitable replacement locally. Matching the RPM would be the main issue as you wouldn't want one motor running faster or slower than all the others.

We have plenty of replacements here at the shop that we'd be happy to hook you up with. Just say the word and we'll send one (or more) your way. I'll leave it to Alan or James to get a quote for you.
Steve G
Commented January 2016
Okay thanks anyway Jeremie. The only thing is that the person it's for doesn't really want to pay $45 for a $10 item (shipping and VAT etc). What I'll do is swap my Roli base with her's, and get the replacement motor when I make my next order directly from you guys. What is the min and max voltage range of the Roli motors anyway? Just trying to work out why it burnt out.

Btw, E4-B4 won in an instructable contest today. Hopefully a plus for EZ-robot. :)
Commented January 2016
Hey @Steve G - can you send a link to the contest? I did a quick browse and couldn't find anything.

DJ Sures
Commented January 2016
Congrats Steve, that's a well deserved win!

Steve G
Commented January 2016
@DJ and Alan

Thanks so much. That means a lot coming from you guys :). I see DJ posted the link to my instructable, and here's the link for the contest...
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Published Tuesday, January 26, 2016