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Replacement Roli Dc Motors

I just received an email from a friend who believes she has a burnt out Roli motor. The H-bridge and EZ-B pins all check out, and Roli is out of warranty (had and used for almost a year).

Can someone give me the specs of the Roli DC motors, and a link or two of where she (or I) could get a replacement, peferably from the UK?


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The base for Roli is sold by Dagu Robotics. I don't know if they sell just the motors.. They sell the whole base for $67.00...


Actually, the base is not a Dagu. The original 3D printed one used a Dagu, but they made changes to the design, although the motors probably are the same or similar.

You can also get a replacement Roli body at the store here for $79US (plus international shipping) http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=9&productNumber=1212 but I am sure when Jeremie sees this he'll be able to supply exact information about the motors used, and they may even be able to supply them. They have occasionally provided replacement parts that are not listed in the store.


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Thanks guys.

I don't think she will want to buy a replacement body just for the motor (single mum with not much disposable income), but if I could get the specs for the motors, I'll be able to easily replace it for her. Hopefully Jeremie will chime in with some info. I have a load of different small DC motors with vairing voltages, so hopefully I could use one of them if I can find one with the right specs, and size.

Thanks again.




The base for Roli is sold by Dagu Robotics
Nope, not true... Ez robot at one time were going to use the Dagu base (it was a prototype) but later decided to design and build there own base... If you look at both you will clearly see that they are different... However, it is entirely possible EZ Robot uses the same motors for Roli that the Dagu base uses.... EZ Robot would have to confirm this of course...


Contact Us and we can provide a replacement motor. Off the top of my head, I believe they are about $10.00 each. Don't quote me on that though:P

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Thanks Alan, that's great and I may take you up on that. But I would prefer the specs for the motor though if possible as I may have one that will work, and that would save on international shipping costs and import tax/VAT.


That'll be a question for @Jeremie then:)

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Cool, no worries.


Hey @Steve G, I wish I had better news for you but unfortunately the motors inside Roli are pretty specific, we had to work pretty hard to find a manufacturer that met the specs we needed. There are only a few companies that make the style motor we use, and the bad news is that it would be next to impossible to find a suitable replacement locally. Matching the RPM would be the main issue as you wouldn't want one motor running faster or slower than all the others.

We have plenty of replacements here at the shop that we'd be happy to hook you up with. Just say the word and we'll send one (or more) your way. I'll leave it to Alan or James to get a quote for you.

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Okay thanks anyway Jeremie. The only thing is that the person it's for doesn't really want to pay $45 for a $10 item (shipping and VAT etc). What I'll do is swap my Roli base with her's, and get the replacement motor when I make my next order directly from you guys. What is the min and max voltage range of the Roli motors anyway? Just trying to work out why it burnt out.

Btw, E4-B4 won in an instructable contest today. Hopefully a plus for EZ-robot.:)


Hey @Steve G - can you send a link to the contest? I did a quick browse and couldn't find anything.