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This question is directed to anyone running dynamixels. I am wondering if any of you have attempted or found a way to override the thermal cut off. I've looked thru the Dynamixel wizard and the documentation is lacking to say the least. In a perfect world the ability to turn off these safeties would be ideal.

I'm trying to either override the thermal, default is 70 deg c temp can be set (0-99 deg c) and turn it off OR override that torque goes to 0 when temperature reaches over the thermal cut off.

The Alans I have on the other side of the world are thermal shutting down do to a hot environment. We are going to be working to cool the area but it would be better to override the protections (I'm sure voiding the warranty) or the ability to change the settings in software.

The Dynamixel Wizard will allow you to set thermal cut off anywhere from 0-99 deg c and change the torque settings but I do not have access directly to Alan and would be better to have a software solution. Right now Alans have to be turned off and the motors to cool down for 20-30 min to reset the thermal and bring them back online.

An example of a fix would be adding two buttons to the EZ Robot Dynamixel plug in so one could change the thermal settings and or change the torque setting if thermal limit is reached. I assume those could be added as we can turn on and off the leds, rename Ids and change baud rates within the plug in.

Any help would be appreciated.

you can see the settings for the thermal shut down at 5:05 on this video.
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June 6 2018
To Ptp I believe why my servos wasn't working with the ezb4 I had to change 3 servos that was damaged. Now I am waiting for dynamixel2 smps to arrive so it will return the firmware to the last servo. I believe in the EZB4 and ez robots products because I've bought a lot stuff from that company. So, I will let you know
July 7 2018
Hello ez family, just off topic I would like to know is there any clip ons that I can use for 2 of my ez robot servos and Dymanixel servos? Here's my image.
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July 11 2018
Hi @Jerseylance - a little more detail about what you are trying to achieve? Are you talking about being able to extend? *confused*
July 11 2018
Thanks for getting back to me, but yes so I glued on my ezb servo to my dynamixel servos. Also do you carry micro continuous servos? Please let me know thanks Mike.
July 12 2018
That's one way to do it! :) To answer your question, we do not at present time have a "micro" continuous rotation servo @Jerseylance - what were you planning on doing with the smaller servo?