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I was wondering whether it is possible to use elements from the Speech Synthesis Markup Language to modify the speech output using EZ-script? Or if there are other markup options other than the ones already given in the Speech Settings Control?
June 9 2018
Nicely done Patrick! Thanks for the video mention :) Now you can give all your robots their own voices, you seem to have a little army of them there!
June 9 2018
yeach one of my robots talks dirty.i need to watsh him .lol
i sold 30 robots allreddy.i sell them so more ez robots come in the world.
here in belgium is not much.
you learn me a few things,btw

sayWAIT=sound comming out pc speakers
sayEZBWAIT=sound comming out ezbv4
pitch=low or high
June 9 2018
Haha, yeah you better keep an eye on that robot then. I'm glad you learned something new!
June 27 2018
@DJ or @larschrjensen
I'm not sure who created the tutorial but I noticed on the SSML tutorial page that the code window has errors in it. The tag mentioned in the comment is not there and there's no SSML tags within the strings. Just thought I'd point it out so that the code actually works if someone decides to try it out :)

Very nice to see this being turned into an actual tutorial though!
July 2 2018
This is awesome info on voice adjustments! What I do for additional effects is using my old Apple I-phone 4s there is a Q-Neo voice changer App in the Apple store but can be downloaded a free version with a few free effects. The effect I use is deep Gold Cylon Command robot and when using the default "David" voice from EZB it changes David into Cylon Commander,totally Ominous sound effect for sure! Only thing is you need to use the Apple Guitar Rig Microphone/Amp connector to input EZB sound into Iphone and back out to main robot speaker Amp. It is really loud doing it like that because it is designed for Guitar effects going to real Amps. :D
Avatarby larschrjensen
Published Tuesday, October 31, 2017