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Thanks for publishing the EZ-LIDAR SLAM Plugin.

I have an xv-11 Lidar and the interface supplied is a micro USB

Please post some details on how you connected yours.

I see from the plugin that you use a UART port, but I don't see any details on how it's connected to the LIDAR

Commented February 28
Like @Frank, I would probably also be willing to pay the higher price if the solution was complete (ie, I could map out a space, then autonomously navigate it with avoidance of new objects added to the space, much like a Neato vacuum can do, although obviously without the need to try to cover every inch of the space, unless that was needed for initial mapping).

However, I certainly understand that price point means that you probably would not sell enough to get the volume you need for that price, so then the component price would probably go up even more.

However, I think if you try and target $150-$175 rather than $119, you will sell plenty of these. Although some of us are scraping and saving for each little bit of robotic gear, it seems to me that many are willing to spend significant amounts on their robots as long as the stuff works.

Commented February 28
I would also pay the higher price just as the @thetechguru said.

So in the mean time, are there any other LIDAR's that work with your plugin?

Which LIDAR would people recommend in the mean time?
Commented March 1
It's always been important to EZ-Robot to make robotics accessible, which a $250 add on part isn't. And while that may still be deemed as affordable in the world of LiDAR, it isn't for the masses. We continue to put efforts into finding a more cost effective solution that empowers schools, students and hobbyists to explore the world of navigation through LiDAR and SLAM in an affordable way.

I'm confident we will find an alternate solution somewhere in the middle-ground between the original $99-119 and $249. This solution will require additional sourcing time along with PCB redesign, negotiations and so on.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to progress on this mission.

@69developer - This plugin does not support other LiDAR units as it was a development plugin made specific to our R&D efforts.
Commented March 6
I would pay the $250 for the LIDAR. Still much cheaper than a lot of the LIDARs that are on the market now.
Commented April 14
Any news on this one. LIDAR prices are dropping as the new versions with longer range and faster range times are coming out. Example I can buy a RP LIDAR (Looks very similar to specs of XV LIDAR) for $99 now but you still need to add a controller board and a PC to work with EZB - also not sure if this one will work with the XVLidar plugin.
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Published Sunday, November 12, 2017