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Hi, I am 3d printing the STLs for the Revolution6. I have 12 HDD servos on order, due in March. In the meantime I have to hand the Developer Kit which has HD servos. These do not seem to fit the EZ bit P23 A-01 STL as supplied in the Revolution6 assembly tutorial. Are they a different size to the HDD servos. Or could I be missing something in how to attach the servo to the printed part?

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LOL.... You need to remove the back of the servo... The 3d part replaces it...
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I did try that before I posted, honest, but thought the motor and PCB were connected to it! All done now though and thanks for the answer.
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Hey - something i thought of, you'll want to calibrate the servos before putting the U brackets on. Because the servos should be in 90 degree position. There's a good tutorial on EZ-Robot's website here: https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/25

The idea is you want the servos to be in their 90 degree position before adding the U bracket. That way, that will be the 90 degree position so the robot can walk and move correctly. If you simply put the U brackets on without knowing what position the servos are in, you'll end up with the servos being in all sorts of wonky positions... and most likely burn out a servo because it'll try to move too far and bump into something.
Thanks for the info! Just have to wait for the servos to arrive from your supplier here in Spain.