Asked October 26 2017

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Well things have certainly been very quiet in the forums of late. Kinda reminds me of the 20 minute lull you have at dinner parties. You know, that moment where you've all kinda said the things you wanted to say and been asked all the questions they can think to ask, then all goes quiet. You kinda quietly sip from your wine glass thinking, how can I get this conversation started again? Feels like that place.

People I miss posting often...David Cochran
Tony Ellis
Anthony and your fun projects
David S and your B9 build
...and the list goes on.

Hopefully one day there will be some reason to get the conversation re-started again...because I love this dinner party.
November 17 2017
Hello, I mill you all as well ...
November 17 2017
Thanks DJ and Josh

It is good to be back on the forum!

November 18 2017
Hey guys, I also realized that over the last time I became more of a lurker than an active participant here at the forum, but I still check in very frequently!

I must agree that robot building has it's ups and downs, and I guess speaking for the most of us, I can say that it comes with whatever circumstances or lives are dragging us into...I had some major changes in my business, which up to this day are keeping me in a constant struggle. If you are at risk at your job, there is not much time left to think about the nice stuff that you would like to do!

I had been working on a project with WBS00001 and he had a serious car accident, I have not heard from him for a long time and I really hope from my heart that he is doing well!

Robot building is a slow and tedious task, and enjoying to build one is the reward we are getting, because let's face it...once the build is done it won't have much use!
It's the Robot Fever we are all thriving for...the rush we get when an idea is leveled above the thought and becomes matter!

Maybe the pace here is getting a bit slower but lets recognize one thing...
This forum is great, EZ-Robot is great and all you guys here are the best!
Thanks for building it up DJ Sures, and everyone here on the forum for keeping it alive!
November 18 2017
Hello all, i too have been around but just lurking. We can count by the fingers of our hands the people that participate on a regular basis. I want to salute and thank ptp for his constant input and problem solving. Go get him DJ:D

In my case most of the times i don´t participate much because of my english and the family time is getting shorter too.

I agree with Mickey666Maus, when your build is done there isn't much left to do...
I think that the missing link is the indoor navigation. If the robot could move around and know his suroundings to perform simple useful tasks, that would be an incentive to continue to evolve what we always dreamed about: a useful robot.
Also intergrating the latest AI as Google Home or Alexa would be super cool and would help to get attention from more people to EZ-Robot.

A big thanks to all that make this forum possible and to our "Master Mind" @DJ.
Live long and prosper!
November 18 2017
I also love the forum and appreciate all the support from members, I agree, hats off to @ptp. !

DJ and Jeremie keep coming up with neat stuff

I agree with @proteusy that indoor navigation is the next roadblock and It looks like @DJ will be getting a solution for that in Lidar and SLAM

The other obstacle I see is auto docking and charging and @jeremie and others are pursuing some ideas

There have been a few posts on actually using Alexa through IFTTT Maker using both as triggers and actions. An actual IFTTT channel would be nice.