Asked December 21 2017

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I’ve been looking into the services provided by Watson. I’m really impressed. Is this something that could be implemented like the other services we have, like Bing and Microsoft? They have a 10,000 a month limit.
October 10 2018
Got the EZB plugin.
Got the URL/Username/Password.
Filled up all configuration details in the plugin.

My problem is I can not get any voice model selection. When I click on Model, the only selection available is "No speech models (check credential)". Are those speech model from my windows speech (voices) or from IBM Watson Service cloud that I have to configure or select or whatever ?
October 10 2018
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October 11 2018
Hey @kazobond

I'm sorry that I can't help you but I've got a question on the following plugins that you tried for speech to text and similar.

When you will be able to run the Watson one. Could you please tell me which one was better than the others ?

You would save me a lot of time:)

Cheers !
October 11 2018
It's seems you have an invalid endpoint url:
User-inserted image

There are some characters and spaces before the "https:"
User-inserted image
October 11 2018
Yooohoooooo ! It works !;):):D
Thanks @ptp.
I knew it had to be something real stupid, but I went over it a zillion time and never caught it. Dam copy paste (hihihi) Way too much new stuff to absorb. :P
Now I need time to experiment. Still have so much to learn, but exciting *blush*

@aryus96, will do for sure. Stay tune.