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Ibm Watson Plug In Service?

I’ve been looking into the services provided by Watson. I’m really impressed. Is this something that could be implemented like the other services we have, like Bing and Microsoft? They have a 10,000 a month limit.


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Interestingly enough, I was contacted by a company that will be demonstrating Watson. It is utilizing the Watson they trained with 1000 people. They wanted to up the Wow factor by utilizing Alena as a visual approach to their Watson. Alena doesn’t need to run Watson to be useful to them as I can pipe in any audio thru Alena and Alan.

But... I’d be up for PTP working on a plugin, because we all know it would be amazing.
Hi @DJ and @PTP I am trying to do a couple of things.

Using Node red and NodeJS, There is an Intu robot control program and it has a .net instance that looked interesting https://rg-gateway.mybluemix.net/
But really I wanted
1) Speech to text (EZB => Bluemix)
2) Process in Node Red / Node JS / Watson Conversations
3) Speech to text (Bluemix to EZB)
4) MQTT (or some other method) to Servos (Bluemix => EZB)
5) Sensors to Bluemix (MQTT)
6) Object Recognition

I want to ask EZB to recognize an object and then interact with the object using voice commands.
Have you tried using The Robot Program to teach ARC using object recognition? You can add speech recognition to it as well. What are you looking to do? There's already that functionality in ARC, and we provide great The Robot Program episodes on how to do it. Have you started there?
@DJ Yep I wanted to use Watson Services not Microsoft thanks
WOW very cool it works. THANK YOU Curious how to make it loop. I say watson move forward. Executes the script and then that is it. So I have to unclick and reclick listen and STT to make it listen again. last line of watson phrase script is ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", StartSpeechToText)
but debug window says speech stopped

Love the detail in the interface with DB settings and delays. Audio graph is cool really helpful in background noise.

BTW what does button 1 do :-)
I've change the way the before and after scripts are handled let me know if your issue is fixed.

The "Button 1" is always pointing to some last minute test code. Removed!

I would love to believe that, but, all the facts point otherwise:)

I've updated the plugin to support Text To Speech. I've added some voice clips, let's hope the translation is correct.
@PTP fantastic. This is really cool. Works really well. I think we should start a new thread for this one now PTP has made the original request by @fxrtst real as this thread is really busy and mostly off topic.
What service does the plugin connect to in the Watson services? Is it just Text to Speech? Or is it all of them?

Speech To Text and Text to Speech.
Holy cow! As always job well done! Looking forward to test driving this. Just finishing current robots this week! Hats off to you good sir.
@PTP : I tried your Watson - visual recognition services plugin. Thank you so much for putting in all that effort!

I installed your plugin. I created an IBM Cloud - Watson account. And after bumbling around the IBM site for about 3 hours I finally created my project and API key. I configured the plugin and it IS WORKING FINE!

Also, I also tried the TTS and the STT and I got both of those working too.

Thanks again!

thomas from la (at) g mail (dot) com


PS. Do you know if Watson has the ability to locate the objects by x and y coordinates?
I'm soooo impressed and grateful with today's technology at our disposal. Just blows my mind. :-)

The last few days, I finally spent some long overdue time playing with several applications and services such as:
- Spectral voices for EZB TextToSpeech
- Microsoft Azure TextToSpeech and TextTranslation
- PendoraBot
- IBM Watson Services (SpeechToText, TextToSpeech, and Assistant) with the Plugin.

After many hours of fooling around trying to understand how Watson and the plugin works, I came to a total halt. I can not get the final details to work; for the SpeechToText and TextToSpeech services, I don't get any Voice Model to select. In the Plugin, it says "When the configuration is called, the plugin logs the existent models and voices.", but I get nothing ?!?

When I activate the service (check the Active box in configuration), I get lots of error message in the Debug window. I attached a capture file, I don't know how to add image yet.

Similarly, in the Configuration-Assistant tab, I don't get any workspace selection. But this might be because I haven't create one yet in Watson. Will look into it later...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Got the EZB plugin.
Got the URL/Username/Password.
Filled up all configuration details in the plugin.

My problem is I can not get any voice model selection. When I click on Model, the only selection available is "No speech models (check credential)". Are those speech model from my windows speech (voices) or from IBM Watson Service cloud that I have to configure or select or whatever ?
Hey @kazobond

I'm sorry that I can't help you but I've got a question on the following plugins that you tried for speech to text and similar.

When you will be able to run the Watson one. Could you please tell me which one was better than the others ?

You would save me a lot of time:)

Cheers !
It's seems you have an invalid endpoint url:
User-inserted image

There are some characters and spaces before the "https:"
User-inserted image
Yooohoooooo ! It works !;):):D
Thanks @ptp.
I knew it had to be something real stupid, but I went over it a zillion time and never caught it. Dam copy paste (hihihi) Way too much new stuff to absorb. :P
Now I need time to experiment. Still have so much to learn, but exciting *blush*

@aryus96, will do for sure. Stay tune.