Asked September 11 2018

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Good Afternoon Community!
I'm making slow but steady progress on rebuilding my Hero-1.
I have a question:

Has anyone run in to issues mounting a EZ-B4 vertically?

See the attached photo.

I've looked at all the EZ robots...all are horizontally mounted.
From what I can see, the power connector and the magnets are
the only "things" holding the processor in the base.
I'll have to come up with a way to secure the processor in the
base so it doesn't vibrate out.


Ok...Let's try this again

User-inserted image
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September 14 2018


Thank you Forest Mimms, I have and love his books.

Which book ?

Can you adjust the R/C values for +- 2 seconds.
September 14 2018
tp = 1.1*R1*C1

Timer, op amp and optoelectronic circuits and projects.
September 14 2018
Leaving the cap at 100 uf and using a 100 ohm pot
you will have from .11 at 1 ohm to 11 seconds at 100 ohm
September 15 2018
I look forward to seeing what your going to do with this guy!