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I seem to add an occasional "hey hows it going" thread, when things are this quiet for such a long period of time. Maybe its too fan the flames and get new and interesting topics going, or maybe its to remind DJ and EZ Robot, that we are still here. Or maybe its hoping for an update on products, or Ez builder....or all the above?!

So how goes it EZ Robot...whats the word on the street?
DJ Sures
Commented October 21
I'm not stringing you along :) I just needed some time away from the office, which meant working from home anyway... but it melts my brain and i need a refresh because i can write a good message to introduce what's next to you :)

Delayed another day
Commented October 22
....standing by
Commented October 22
I’m ready....
Dave Schulpius
Commented October 22
Take your time and don't stress over this. We all can wait as long as needed. Relax and enjoy some time off. Recharge. ;)
Asked on Saturday, August 11, 2018