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Asked — Edited

Any Updates On Ez Robot?

I seem to add an occasional "hey hows it going" thread, when things are this quiet for such a long period of time. Maybe its too fan the flames and get new and interesting topics going, or maybe its to remind DJ and EZ Robot, that we are still here. Or maybe its hoping for an update on products, or Ez builder....or all the above?!

So how goes it EZ Robot...whats the word on the street?


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Soon... Within the next 30-45 days *fingers crossed*
Would your announcement be just in time for the holidays?
I am certainly hoping so - that's what we're aiming at. I'd like to get the community involved ahead of time though. There are so many moving parts to what i'm doing, that it is taking a bit of time.
I am doing the pee dance waiting on whats up.
Daddy why it won't stop raining ? ... now I understand why...
Josh can you please stop doing that!
You are doing the wrong dance!
has anyone heard of ez robot doing animal themed robotic kits? If they have not it is a good idea. Animechs
I definitely want to build at least one dragon and/or lizard with ez-bits one of these days! I do like reptile robots:D


I'd like to get the community involved ahead of time though. There are so many moving parts to what i'm doing, that it is taking a bit of time.

OK I'm back from Avengers and now my interest has peaked on this subject. @DJ at what point do you feel the community will get involved with the process? I'm offering my involvement/info/query on what ever this announcement will bring.
Ironically, tomorrow

I'm going to write a new thread and introduce what's going on. I'm only writing the post on this forum and it won't be shared externally. This is an initiative for this community, not edtech - so youll hear it first.

Expect it posted by the late evening tomorrow October 20th 2018
Oh, what is edtech? the educational section of the company?
My day ran away with me - i'll make time tomorrow:D
What is EdTech? Here's what I found on the subject DJ said this is:

"Education technology has become one of the most important topics of discussion among parents and educators. But what is it? What is education technology? In a layman language it is any technology that supports education, education technology (also known as EdTech) is a study and ethical practice that facilitates learning and improve the performance by creating and managing appropriate technology tools.

Education technology is a wide field. Education technology focuses on study and ethical practices; it improves education in a systematic way. Education technology sometimes known as instructional technology or learning technology.

Education technology accordingly:

Teaches with technology
Prime focus is to enhance the teaching and learning process
Education technology is particularly suited for education. Technology is used as a tool in education.
It aims at great efficiency and effectiveness of current practice.
Is concerned with thinking carefully about teaching and learning.
Technology acts as a catalyzer and tool to promote education.

Education technology includes various types of media like audio, images, text, animation and videos which help in learning known as e-learning. It helps a lot in distance learning which is also known as blended learning. In purest form education technology supports furthering of education. Learning becomes more dynamic and it saves money and improves the current setup of schools and colleges.

Education technology has helped the students in many ways especially for those students who doesn’t raise their hands in the class and are scared of asking something; in this case their doubts remain unsolved.

Sometimes it really becomes boring to teach the lessons through book, with the help of education this can be of interest by showing videos and images it becomes quite easy and effective.

Nowadays technology is playing an increasing role in education. As technology advances, it is used to benefit students of all ages in the learning process. Technology has also advanced to help children even before they have started school. Educational videogames, apps helps young children to prepare themselves for school.

Online education has opened numerous possibilities for students and teachers alike. You can now teach from anywhere in the world. Many online schools are accredited and registered with necessary government bodies. This means anyone interested to education can acquire so now.

Through technology education has been transformed. Learning and teaching has become more interactive and dynamic. Technology undoubtedly improved the scope of education and is easily accessible.

Educational technology should always be focused on delivering the best form of education."

We all know DJ is all about education and learning. Looks like it's back to school for those of us who want to participate. This could be great and something I personally could really use and get into. :) I'm looking forward to see what this is really all about.
I'm not stringing you along:) I just needed some time away from the office, which meant working from home anyway... but it melts my brain and i need a refresh because i can write a good message to introduce what's next to you:)

Delayed another day
Take your time and don't stress over this. We all can wait as long as needed. Relax and enjoy some time off. Recharge. ;)