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Since I installed Windows 10, volume on the mic does not seem to be adjustable. Volume is low. I have to talk lould to get the computer to hear me. I looked online and a lot of people are having this problem withe MS 10. It is the same with all mics.

Any ideas would keep me from loosing my voice.


Dave Schulpius
Commented April 2017
When you're considering the Plantronics headset in Windows do you ever see a check box to enable enhanced sound processing by this device. If so try checking or unchecking it.
Commented April 2017

Alan, I did select my Bluetooth headset mic as the default microphone device but I set my Bluetooth speaker to be my Bluetooth speaker default device. Did I do that incorrectly. If yes, I do not get any mic or audio if i do not set each item to be its own default device.. When I first set this up windows asked me if I wanted to select the headset mic for mic and my Bluetooth speaker for audio. I said i did. Am I doing this wrong?
Commented April 2017

Did you find the issue ?
Commented April 2017

Check my plugin AudioToolbox, you can confirm and set the default input and output devices.

You can use EZ-Script to change output/input devices:


#SetDefault takes in consideration the device type (input or output)

#Set device 0 as default
ControlCommand("AudioToolbox plugin", "SetDefault", 0)
SayWait("Hello Device 0")

#Set device 1 as default
ControlCommand("AudioToolbox plugin", "SetDefault", 1)
SayWait("Hello Device 1")

ps: only one space between AudioToolbox and plugin

Commented April 2017

Thanks for the plugin.

I didn't know it was out there. I will install it and see if it will solve my problem.

Thanks for posting it.

Asked on Tuesday, March 28, 2017