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Increase Volume On Windows 10 Mic

Since I installed Windows 10, volume on the mic does not seem to be adjustable. Volume is low. I have to talk lould to get the computer to hear me. I looked online and a lot of people are having this problem withe MS 10. It is the same with all mics.

Any ideas would keep me from loosing my voice.




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Have you tried to adjust it in the windows software? Right-click on the volume adjust button in the task bar, and click recording devices. Click properties, and adjust the level. Otherwise try to move the mic closer to your mouth, or look for boosting software or a DAC and compatible mic.


I have used the Windows adjustments but have not updated sound board drivers. I will also look into boot tool. These are good ideas. Keep them coming.


Is there a reason that my bluetooth headset is able to connect to windows and ezb recorder plugin but not speach synthesis? It is the only plugin that won't work with my mic.

Not having speech synthesis is really limiting my robot.


Set the Bluetooth device as the default audio output device - the same thing you did to get the Bluetooth microphone to work with windows.


Thanks DJ

  1. I went to the speaker in bottom right hand corner and right clicked it.

  2. I then clicked Recording Device.

  3. I selected my plantronics II headset.

  4. I configured my headset.

  5. I then went back to sound widow, clicked Recording and clicked properties.

  6. When I go to levels I only have a microphone bar and have it set to 100 max.

  7. I see my mic is working because it shows up on bar at right when I talk.

  8. I then load my ezb Max Robot Program.

  9. I make sure my bluetooth headset is working.

  10. I double check microphone and it is still working on Windows 10.

  11. Max plugin sound synthesizer does not show audio on the bar view.

  12. Max record plugin sometimes shows bar movement other times neither one do.

  13. I rebooth the whole system and try again. Does not work.

  14. Change headsets and it still does not work.

I hope this explains better what is happening. I have programmed several sound synthesis script to respond to commands it. At best it only worked once and the volume was low on the mic. I tried online and with the forum to increase volume thinking that might be the problem to no avail. I did see bar movement when I talked when it did work once.

I have been working on this problem for one week. I would like to show my grandchildren I really can build a robot that can hear me and act but now I am even wondering if I can.

I know it is hard to troubleshoot this problem on the forum but I hope some simple fix is in store. It probably is a simple fix but I am missing it.

Thanks DJ for the forum and the people that are always trying to help. You have always helped me with my issues and comments.



As DJ said, you need to make sure the microphone is set to the windows default device. A headset will automatically be the communications default device, but not the Windows default. The steps you outlined below did not include selecting the headset as your default recording device.

Also, as I said either earlier in this thread or another one, many Bluetooth headsets that are designed for phone use will not stay connected to Windows. You may need to click the call button to re-establish the connection periodically.



When you're considering the Plantronics headset in Windows do you ever see a check box to enable enhanced sound processing by this device. If so try checking or unchecking it.



Alan, I did select my Bluetooth headset mic as the default microphone device but I set my Bluetooth speaker to be my Bluetooth speaker default device. Did I do that incorrectly. If yes, I do not get any mic or audio if i do not set each item to be its own default device.. When I first set this up windows asked me if I wanted to select the headset mic for mic and my Bluetooth speaker for audio. I said i did. Am I doing this wrong?



Did you find the issue ?



Check my plugin AudioToolbox, you can confirm and set the default input and output devices.

You can use EZ-Script to change output/input devices:

#SetDefault takes in consideration the device type (input or output)

#Set device 0 as default  
ControlCommand("AudioToolbox  plugin", "SetDefault", 0)
SayWait("Hello Device 0") 

#Set device 1 as default  
ControlCommand("AudioToolbox  plugin", "SetDefault", 1)
SayWait("Hello Device 1") 

ps: only one space between AudioToolbox and plugin



Thanks for the plugin.

I didn't know it was out there. I will install it and see if it will solve my problem.

Thanks for posting it.