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Hey Everyone,

I can't seem to figure out why my Servo Controller isn't working. I have put in the start up and opened up the control in EZ Builder and it still doesnt seem to work.
I have power to it from a port on EZB (D18 UART 2) and have it connected to a battery source. (I even tried it to UART 0)

I have tried Baud Rate 38400 and 115200 and it seems to work but when I try to move a servo it doesnt allow me to even adjust it. It keeps it at 90 degrees both ways and force quits EZ Builder.

The codes I have are:


Any Help is appreciated

Thank you!
DJ Sures
Commented May 2017
It's a good idea to first understand how to move a servo and what a servo control is. Select the learn section, choose your product (I suspect ezb v4 in this case) and read the tutorials.

Again, reread my previous post! Do not inituart. Do not write code. I have no idea why anyone is telling you to write any unit code.

Add the control. Look at the control manual page. Follow the instructions. Stop writing init code. Read the manual for the control. There is no reason to write any init code.

Where did you find any reference to writing init code for the ssc32 control?
Commented May 2017
@DJ Sures

I have tried different ways and it still doesnt seem to work. I have researched and looked at different examples to get a better visual and still in the same spot.

I even tried servo command:



DJ Sures
Commented May 2017
That's all you need. Those commands will work. If they do not work, check the configuration menu of that control. Check to see that the correct port is specified.

If that still doesn't work, check the configuration of your ssc33

If it still doesn't work, check the wiring.

Those are the ONLY three things you need to check.

1) control configuration
2) ssc configuration
3) wiring

That's it.
Commented May 2017
@DJ Sures

Gotcha, Thank you very much.
Asked on Wednesday, May 17, 2017