Asked October 9 2014

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Can someone help me or point me to a tutorial on how to use two EZB v3s together? Can't seem to come up with much searching the forum.



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October 9 2014
Guess I didnt even consider ez builder could connect via bluetooth to more that one bluetooth device at a time since i didnt know that was even possible with windows...

Second bluetooth dongle, duh... Gotta get out of the box in my head.

Thanks guys!
October 9 2014
That is too simple if it works. ;)
October 9 2014
It's not called EZ-Robot because DJ liked the letter Z and E ;)

You shouldn't need a second bluetooth dongle unless you find that the comms is bottlenecking due to scripts running too fast. It's not been an issue with only 2 EZ-B V3s before that I have seen though nor have I experienced it when running 2 from one EZ-Builder, 1 PC and 1 BT dongle.

One thing to bear in mind, one EZ-Builder means only one Movement Panel (which controls ports on board 0 only).
October 9 2014
Gotta love EZ :)

October 9 2014
One additional note (I always seem to have just ine more). If you really really need two Movement Panels, and don't need much or any coordinaruin between what the two EZ-Bs are doing, you can run two instances of EZ-Builder on the same PC, each controlling one board.

The main limitation woukd be if you have speech recognition in both projects, only one is likely to work at a time.