Asked June 25 2014

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I'm new here and I'm interested in purchasing the 2-armed Roli model.

1) What is the estimated Roli run time w/ the supplied 7.4VDC 1300mAh battery?

I want to use Roli as a means to check up on my pets while I'm work.

2) Can Roli & camera be remotely operated via Smartphone or Remote PC?

I appreciate any insights. :)
June 26 2014
@d.cochran.... currently I have an SMC router/modem with the wifi disabled (because the wifi ON IT sucked).. I bought a new Dlink router for better wifi performance....

My problem I think lies with having 2 routers (even though the smc which is used just my modem now has the wifi disable so I may use the dlink as my wireless router)... I was able to open the port (23) on the SMC router/modem so that when I check here ( it reports port 23 of my network is open... So far so good... But I use the dlink as my wireless router for my network and that's where I have my ebb4 connected to... The smc and dlink uses a separate IP address.... and my external IP address reflects the SMC router not my DLink router

Where do I go from here? I bet it would work if I went back to my old crappy wifi network on the SMC and removed the dlink....

My network

1) SMC modem with diabled wifi
2) Dlink wifi router on a different IP than the above
3) This pc I am typing on
4) My ezb4

I have other devices, but none are currently connected (other PCs)
June 26 2014
The DLink probably also has a firewall in it. you would also have to port forward the same ports from the DLink firewall to the ip of the EZ-B.

Connect to the IP address of the DLink and see if there are any firewall settings in it. It probably is still using the same default username and password that came with the device but if not, you should know what these are.

Let me know. Thanks
June 26 2014
@Richard R, Because you essentially have 2 networks, it is going to be a little bit complex.

IN the SMC router, you need to forward ports 23 and 24 to the WAN IP address of your DLINK router (this is the IP address that your SMC router assigned to it). Usually available in the WAN menu of the DLINK router. Should also be able to see it in the DHCP menu of the SMC router.

Then in the DLINK router, forward those ports to your EZ-B.

The connect to your public IP address from EZ B from outside your network.

You can get your current public address from (connect to this from inside your network) or it should also be available within the settings menu of the SMC router.

d.cochran is correct, port forwarding should not have impacted your ability to access from inside the network. If you put the EZ-B in the DMZ of the router rather than port forwarding, it might block internal access depending on the firewall settings. Although if EZ-B is the only thing you are accessing from outside, DMZ can make some of this easier, I would avoid it until you learn more about networking. Dangerously opens your network.

Another much simpler option is to install Teamviewer (or any number of other remote control applications, but Teamview is free and easy) on the computer running EZ-Builder, and then use the Teamview client on another computer or phone ( has iPhone and Android versions) to control the EZ-Builder computer instead. TeamViewer does not require any port forwarding. It uses a helper on TeamViewers Servers to broker a connection through the routers. Also, that way you don't need to worry about your external IP address changing (any time the SMC is rebooted, this is likely unless you are paying for static IP) or dealing with a dynamic DNS provider.

June 26 2014
Alan is correct. I mentioned this earlier and was my plan for achieving remote control outside of the house. I personally find it much easier to use a client that allows me to remote control a PC in the house but that might not always be the best solution.

Once you get into port forwarding, you have to understand your internal network structure and all of the points along the way that could block your traffic. Tracert is a utility that will show you the path that you are taking to the destination and the point at which you are stopped in trying to reach your destination. If the DLink has a firewall, you might be able to disable the firewall on it, but that could be a security concern for you, IDK. In any event, I am sure that we can figure it out.
Tracert command usage
June 26 2014
@d.cochran @Alan.... Seriously thanks guys... I'll take another stab at it this afternoon...