Community Question

Just thinking that the ability to create a user poll in our forum would be a nice addition to already great forum... The ability for someone to say... set up a poll which the users of the forum could vote for their favourite robot or whatever the poll is about... Then have the stats/results embedded in the Thread?

Just a lazy sunday morning thought...

Nomad 6R
Commented June 2014
my vote is for jd :D

iff the poll comes
Commented June 2014
This would be perfect for TechnoPro when he wants people to vote on names for his robots or colour schemes. :)
Richard R
Commented June 2014
@Steve... LOL.... Yep and other polls as well.... :)
DJ Sures
Commented June 2014
I'll bring is up at our next discussion of new features :)
Cardboard Hacker
Commented June 2014
YES! And add the ability to make pictures as a poll option, rather than just words.

Just my 2 cents ;)
Avatarby Richard R
Published Sunday, June 29, 2014