Asked July 28 2015

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I have been talking to Beth, the store manager at a Brookstone in Miami, and they are having terrible trouble getting a Six running. She isn't able to view the tutorials at work, nor can she bring the Six home to work on.

See the secondary discussion on thread

I have also communicated by email.

Is there anyone in the area who can go to the store and help? If you could bring an EZ-B Lipo battery, charger, and your EZ-B just for troubleshooting purposes to make sure hers are not damaged or an out of box failure, that would be even better.

Contact me by email (address in my profile) and I'll forward you her contact info.


August 1 2015
I agree totally with WBS00001. These little display robots need to be in a protected box and in complete working order. There is nothing that will turn away a potential customer faster and never buy from you then a broken and non functioning live display of your product. They walk up to a display of DJ or Six that caught their eye and imagination and see only one leg or arm jerking around and a floppy broken head and they think "What a peace of junk". They walk away forever with the impression that this thing breaks easily and hard to set up and get working (if they even know what it can do in the first place).

I'll bet money that many other stores are having this same issue. I also agree with a previous post that instructions should been sent "on paper" with detailed instructions on how to set these up. You GOTTA idiot proof things and make even easy things clear and easier. Businesses don't have the resources or time to let the employee sit in front of a computer for even a short time watching videos let along trouble shoot a mis-wired robot. They need to get this thing set out on the showroom floor and that employee out there selling everything else in the store to money spending customers. Weren't these displays pre-assembled and tested? If so they should have stayed that way and shipped in-tacked even if shipping cost more.

EZ Robot has spent a lot of labor and money on this venture. It's a great idea And if set up properly can attract many new customers. However as it is, if nothing is done other then to direct them to the question marks and tutorials it has the potential to blow up in your face and turn away many, many customers that would have spent money on EZ Robots. These people will also tell their friends and family "Not" to buy from EZ Robot based on those broken, crippled and mis-wired examples of expensive peaces of junk they saw at the store. This is truly how many people think and act all over the world. You guys have got to take this seriously and get personally involved with a rock solid solution like mentioned here and other posts. All your doing now is loosing customers on a grand scale. If you cant fix this you need to pull these displays ASAP.

Like 69Developer said; "this irritants me and I'm not even involved". *mad* However I feel I am involved. I want EZ Robot to seceded and become as big and accepted as Arduino. I've spent many hours over the years promoting EZ Robot over many places on the internet and to friends. I hate it when someone comes back and gets in my face with a story like this. EZ Robot is worth every cent spent on it and worth much more then money in education and pleasure. Watching a broken and burnt up robot jerk and flop around makes it very hard to justify and defend. *blush*

Good luck EZ Robot and I truly hope you all get this worked out. Soon.
August 1 2015
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August 1 2015
I'll play devil's advocate here among the gloom and doom. Once this is resolved, Beth and her employees are going to have a great story of customer and community support. If all of us who live near Brookstones drop in and offer our assistance if needed (and buy some EZ-Bits in the process) the story will be even better, and nationwide.

August 1 2015
When I saw it right there in a prominent place I thought "Ah cool! I get to see JD in person!" Then I saw it was broken and wanted to show DJ. It was really disappointing because as a consumer I see the bot and I see the price tag and if I had only the display to look at I would just have just walked away.
We really need to get this display up and running. That place sees people with deep pockets and we need to lighten their burden.:D
August 1 2015
One thing that would help would be for the demo unit to be placed higher up. At least that would put it out of arm's reach by little kids. As to documentation, surely something was sent out with these units?

The last time I went by the local Brookstone, they didn't have a JD out front at all. Instead they had a non-functioning Six with it's legs folded on top. Makes me wonder if their JD is already broken or no one could set it up or what. Maybe they sold it, but that seems unlikely since the demo units are special. But you never know. Could have sent it back for repairs for all I know. Are there Six demo units out there I wonder?

I'll probably go by there tomorrow. I'll find out at that time. And, as was suggested, I'll offer to help if they are having problems. Only thing is, I wonder how you put the demo JD into demo mode? Assuming they have one that's not too badly broken. I have a number of spare servos I could use to get it going if need be. Even a pair of extra feet and a few micro-servos. No spare head though, so here's hoping it's Okay. Or spare EZB4, for that matter. If nothing else I should be able to get their Six going so they can control it via a cell phone.

But that's all conjecture until I actually go by. Hopefully though, they have something going and all is well.