Asked February 11 2015

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@Any iPhone users.

I'm curious, have any of you iPhone/iPad users out there used or are using the Sensor stream app with EZ-Builder, and if so how and what are you using it for with your robot projects? I was just wondering as there is not a lot mentioned about it in the forum.

Also I don't know if anyone can help, but I tried to use it the other day but couldn't get my iPhone to connect to EZ Builder. I put in the address in and tried several port numbers, but there was no activity in the control window (no coloured dots showing up). Any ideas? My EZ Builder is up to date and my iPhone 5s is running latest iOS.

Steve. :)
DJ Sures
February 12 2015
You can add the Wiimote and use the accelerometer from your iPhone or android device in your own app. There is reference on the WiiMote page about mobile use here:

You can also find out what controls are supported in the mobile interface builder here:
February 13 2015
That sounds pretty cool. I'll give that a try. Thanks DJ. :)
July 10 2015
I really like the stability of the heading data from the sensor stream which is perfect for my application. Are there any compass boards that do as well as the iphone for stability? I tried the little MPU9150 and the numbers are all over the place.

July 11 2015
Hi Steve,

I've used it quite a bit. It's very powerful. It was a feature request I made to include with EZ-B and DJ did created an interface the same day!

Here's a thread that includes some sample code and video of the bot finding it's way up a dynamically changing hill:

Hope this helps,

July 12 2015

Thanks for the link. I'll check in out now.