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Iphone, Sensor Stream And ARC

@Any iPhone users.

I'm curious, have any of you iPhone/iPad users out there used or are using the Sensor stream app with EZ-Builder, and if so how and what are you using it for with your robot projects? I was just wondering as there is not a lot mentioned about it in the forum.

Also I don't know if anyone can help, but I tried to use it the other day but couldn't get my iPhone to connect to EZ Builder. I put in the address in and tried several port numbers, but there was no activity in the control window (no coloured dots showing up). Any ideas? My EZ Builder is up to date and my iPhone 5s is running latest iOS.



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I am interested in this as well! Steve beat me to asking about it:) I got my stream to work with Ez however i was using the free ver and it stops from time to time... so make sure whoever reads this and plans to use it just fork over the little cash it cost to get the paid one and not the free. From what I could see with my brief time playing with it ... it could eliminate alot of other things if one were to have an old iphone laying around ... ( i have a graveyard of phones so .... lol )
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Lol, I've got a draw like that. Full of old phones I couldn't bare to part with (although they are never used, except for one I've bought back to life to use with my new robo project) ;). I hope I hear from other members too, who are using Sensor Stream to see how they are using it with ARC.
I have been waiting for DJ to build an Android version. There are a ton of similar sensor streaming apps for Android, but none compatible with the iphone one. I also have a drawer full of phones and even a couple of tablets, but all Android.

Unless more people use the iPhone one though, i think this is low or non-existent on the wish list.

He built the integration back before Revolution took over his life. Someone asked for it one day, and it was delivered that weekend. I don't know if more than one user ever actively used the functionality. Certainly no discussion of it on the forum.

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Intresting to know. Thanks for the info Alan. The phone I mentioned that I just bought back to life is one of the first Sony Xperia phones running Andriod so yeah, a sensor integration version with ARC would be pretty neat.
I have an iPhone and tested it. It was pretty cool. I don't know what to do with...I have not found a need to use it. But it's nifty!
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That sounds pretty cool. I'll give that a try. Thanks DJ.:)
I really like the stability of the heading data from the sensor stream which is perfect for my application. Are there any compass boards that do as well as the iphone for stability? I tried the little MPU9150 and the numbers are all over the place.

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Thanks for the link. I'll check in out now.