ARC Windows Release 2014.05.29.00

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You've been asking for AR Parrot Drone v2 support - so here it is!


- AR Parrot Drone v2 Support, including Video
- Performance and reliability additions to AR Parrot Drone v1
- Memory enhancements to EZ-Builder
- Joystick performance enhancements
- EZ-B v4 scanner improvements to remove false positives

The memory increase is too small of increments to be a memory leak due to the camera feed - because the memory for the camera is much larger and would increase in megabytes not kilobytes, which is good news. The reason for the increase is most likely due to the debug log filling with internal error messages. I believe the debug log window was not able to become visible due to the GUI freezing from the error. So the log was filling with messages, but you were unable to see that because the GUI was frozen.

I will review your project and hopefully recreate the situation and fix it, like I do:)
United Kingdom
My V3s would occasionally freeze up EZ-Builder if they disconnected (i.e. if my robot run away during testing). No "Not Responding" messages just totally unresponsive to anything.

I found that if I went to task manager and ended the application it would prompt EZ-Builder to ask if I wanted to exit and if I wanted to save, these were both operational which meant saving of work could be made. It didn't fix EZ-Builder being unresponsive though but after a save and restarting EZ-Builder all was fine.
Interesting, thanks Rich! I'll need to see projects - preferable minimum number of controls that causes it to happen. The less controls the better for identifying what can cause it.
United Kingdom
I was thinking it would me a hardware thing rather than software. The only project of mine it did it on was Melvin which has a lot of controls and a lot of scripts so wouldn't be much help in pin pointing anything. But hopefully others who have suffered/are suffering with this can help you out with some project files.

My reply was mainly as a bit of advise for anyone who does suffer an unresponsive GUI so that they can at least save their work.
DJ, here's the file. I had to rebuild some of it because, well, lost some changes from the hang. But it's pretty much the same thing. Don't know if you'll learn much, but let me (us) know : )