Windows Release 2014.05.29.00

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Change Release Notes

You've been asking for AR Parrot Drone v2 support - so here it is!

  • AR Parrot Drone v2 Support, including Video
  • Performance and reliability additions to AR Parrot Drone v1
  • Memory enhancements to ARC
  • Joystick performance enhancements
  • EZ-B v4 scanner improvements to remove false positives

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Cognitive services usage** 10/day 6,000/day
Auto-positions gait actions* 40 Unlimited
Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited
Camera devices* 1 Unlimited
Vision resolution max 320x240 Unlimited
Interface builder* 2 Unlimited
Cloud project size 128 MB
Cloud project revision history Yes
Create Exosphere requests 50/month
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I saw the drone sitting on the office floor in the office video late last night and wondered if you were working on this. I'll be trying this out with my 2.0 and my windows 8 tablet on Sunday (maybe sooner, depending on how the weather behaves)

Many thanks!



Ok now I need to save up for a Drone:D lol LOVE IT (Y)


Thanks for keeping it coming! The scanner improvement is very welcomed.


The old days are back, DJs amazingly fast and frequent updates, and the handheld quick video captures ! Keep them coming! Thanks DJ!


One additional request for drone 2 support. The drone 2 now supports infrastructure mode as well as ad hoc wifi. Can you add the ability to specify the IP address off the drone being connected? That way I can control an EZ-B and a drone from the same computer, ir even the same instance of ARC.




DJ.. I found the issue with the Delete Servos in Auto position. Just to Remember: I Could not Delete the servos using the DEL key on the MAC keyboard... (win 7 running as virtual machine on MAC)

Well, If I Use the "fn+delete" combination keys.. it works! Strange, but it's true..:)


@tevans - the fn+delete combo on a Mac is the same as just del on windows. If you just push delete on a Mac it does the same as backspace on a PC. If you press backspace in windows it won't delete the servos in auto positioned. So you're doing it right by pressing fn+delete:)


First I would say that you do a fantastic job. congratulation! then I would ask if it is possible with this latest update to the air drone 2.0 follow an object as was done with the air drone 1.0? I have an air drone 2.0 almost a year and a dream to do this. Thank you.


Thank you ).. And Yes, that is what this update is for.

Perhaps watching the video will help.


Software hang and memory leak?

I was gingerly messing with some functions on my robot (camera motion specifically), when I noticed noise starting to appear in the processed feed. I know that means my battery is about to drop out. So I unplugged the battery from the board.

Now the software has locked up, and according to the Task Manager, its slowly consuming more and more RAM.

The app doesn't say "Not Responding", but it IS frozen.

That wouldn't be so bad had I not messed with a bunch of changes I would have liked to save : (

Any thoughts on how to "unfreeze" the app?


Latest build and Firmware (5/29/14).


I learned the hard way to periodically save my projects.... Lost an hours work once when my computer locked up.... Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say....


@cyberdude can you post your project so I can examine to see what could have caused that?

Also, by "memory leak"... how much more RAM was being used and how much was it climbing? I will take a look and see...

I run extensive tests before releases, which is why ARC is so amazingly efficient even on slow low memory computers.


Will post project this evening. As for Mem. It was gaining quickly initially, about 4K every couple seconds. After half an hour, 2K every 15 sec. Or so.

App unresponsive the whole time. It didn't indicate "unresponsive", just frozen.

What I did to unfreeze (though it killed the app) was to kill Bluetooth. (Pulled it out), that forced the app to die.


The memory increase is too small of increments to be a memory leak due to the camera feed - because the memory for the camera is much larger and would increase in megabytes not kilobytes, which is good news. The reason for the increase is most likely due to the debug log filling with internal error messages. I believe the debug log window was not able to become visible due to the GUI freezing from the error. So the log was filling with messages, but you were unable to see that because the GUI was frozen.

I will review your project and hopefully recreate the situation and fix it, like I do:)

United Kingdom

My V3s would occasionally freeze up ARC if they disconnected (i.e. if my robot run away during testing). No "Not Responding" messages just totally unresponsive to anything.

I found that if I went to task manager and ended the application it would prompt ARC to ask if I wanted to exit and if I wanted to save, these were both operational which meant saving of work could be made. It didn't fix ARC being unresponsive though but after a save and restarting ARC all was fine.


Interesting, thanks Rich! I'll need to see projects - preferable minimum number of controls that causes it to happen. The less controls the better for identifying what can cause it.

United Kingdom

I was thinking it would me a hardware thing rather than software. The only project of mine it did it on was Melvin which has a lot of controls and a lot of scripts so wouldn't be much help in pin pointing anything. But hopefully others who have suffered/are suffering with this can help you out with some project files.

My reply was mainly as a bit of advise for anyone who does suffer an unresponsive GUI so that they can at least save their work.


DJ, here's the file. I had to rebuild some of it because, well, lost some changes from the hang. But it's pretty much the same thing. Don't know if you'll learn much, but let me (us) know : )