ARC Release 2014.01.21.00

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This release introduces an entire new EZ-Script compiler implementation. Behind the scenes the individual EZ-Script compilers from each control are now combined into one centralized manager. For example, if the speech recognition control compiler is executing a script, it is actually being executed in a centralized manager - this saves on resources and allows run-away scripts to be monitored by the Script Monitor.

The centralized manager can be monitored by the new Script Monitor control... Found in the Scripting category of EZ-Builder.

This doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, but it actually is quite a huge upgrade. There is also speed improvements to the way the EZ-Script compiler works.


- new control Script Monitor (under Scripting)
@Drakken, asking for help is why I spend so much time on the forum - as Steve Jobs had said "everything you call life, was made up of people who are no smarter than you". What he meant by that is that as a whole, we achieve great things by working together. And your question, any question... collects the efforts of our staff and community to solve any problem. Even if it's a recently discovered bug in an old firmware updater:)

I'll take a look and see what I can find before I get you to run some tests. It might be something very simple - i'll get back to you shortly
I appreciate it, DJ, I spent about seven hours over the course of the last two days trying to figure it out and haven't gotten very far. The last time I updated the firmware, EZ-Builder worked on windows XP, so there have been quite a few changes you've implemented that i'd like to try out. I think it was right after you attended that conference and got the watch.
@Drakken i'm unable to reproduce the error on multiple computers. The firmware updater works for me... Can you try re-installing to make sure everything is okay? Also, you may want to try re-installing .Net 4.5 to see if the configuration is corrupt. Sometimes Windows has a mind of it's own for issues:(

I wish there was something more I could tell you... Sadly I just can't seem to reproduce the error
Something else comes to mind... Perhaps if you uninstalled EZ-Builder from the Control Panel. Then went into the C:\Program Files(86) folder and deleted EZ-Robot directory. Just erase it so there is no history.

If you re-install EZ-Builder, it'll be a fresh brand new install
I'll definitely give that a try, the first computer had it installed previously. The second and third I tried had never had it installed though. The i5 3470 was a brand new build for someone, so everything was as fresh as it can get. Figured something I had on my old laptop was causing an issue, so I moved to it to try. When I get a chance I'll make everything tidy as to what I have done and shoot you guys an email. I'll include the full details from the error that occurs when the updater tries to load. If it gets figured out, I'll post the solution here. And if not, I found the old install on my xp desktop, so I can go back to using it, no problem, till I get v4. Thanks DJ.
Well, to let you all know where it sits, I borrowed another computer, downloaded the software, and it ran fine. It also told me I already had v16 firmware, which is puzzling, since I never was able to get it to update as far as I know. I then ran the software on my lappy, and it told me there was a new version of ez builder. With it (the same version I ran on the borrowed pc) it works fine, connects properly. So, not sure why my pcs didn't like it, but it's all working now! Had the base hooked up to my h bridge and was running it around last night. Thanks again for the help.